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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008-01Buckling and Second-Order Effects in Dual Shear-Flexural SystemsTong, G; Pi, Y; Bradford, MA; Tin-loi, F
2009-01Buckling failure of an unusual braced steel frame supporting an electric dust-catcherTong, G; Pi, Y; Bradford, MA
2008-12-01A complementary energy-based formulation for torsional buckling analysis of columnsErkmen, RE; Bradford, MA; Mohareb, ME
2010-01-01Computational modelling of beams curved in-planErkmen, RE; Bradford, MA
2011-12-01Coupling of finite element and meshfree methods be for locking-free analysis of shear-deformable beams and platesErkmen, E; Bradford, MA
2011-01Creep Analysis of CFST Arches Accounting for Uncertainty of Creep and ShrinkagePi, Y; Bradford, MA; Gao, W; Ho, LH
2012-01-01Creep and shrinkage analysis of curved composite beams including the effects of partial interactionLiu, X; Erkmen, RE; Bradford, MA
2012-05-01Creep and shrinkage analysis of curved composite beams with partial interactionLiu, X; Erkmen, RE; Bradford, MA
2008-01Dynamic buckling of shallow pin-ended arches under a sudden central concentrated loadPi, Y; Bradford, MA
2009-01Dynamic interaction analysis of a LIM train and elevated bridge systemXia, H; Guo, W; Xia, C; Pi, Y; Bradford, MA
2010-01Effects of prebuckling analyses on determining buckling loads of pin-ended circular archesPi, Y; Bradford, MA
2008-01Elastic flexural-torsional instability of structural arches under hydrostatic pressureBradford, MA; Pi, Y
2010-01Elastic lateral-torsional buckling of circular arches subjected to a central concentrated loadPi, Y; Bradford, MA; Tong, G
2010-01-01Elimination of slip-locking in composite beam-column analysis by using the element-free Galerkin methodErkmen, RE; Bradford, MA
2010-01Energy Approach For Dynamic Buckling Of An Undamped Arch Model Under Step Loading With Infinite DurationPi, Y; Bradford, MA; Liang, S
2010-01Energy approach for dynamic buckling of shallow fixed arches under step loading with infinite durationPi, Y; Bradford, MA; Qu, W
2012-12-01Erratum for "complementary energy based formulation for torsional buckling of columns" by R. Emre Erkmen, Magdi Mohareb, and Mark A. BradfordEmre Erkmen, R; Mohareb, M; Bradford, MA
2011-01Extremal Thermoelastic Buckling Analysis of Fixed Slender BeamsPi, Y; Bradford, MA; Qu, W; NA
2006-01Flexural-torsional buckling of fixed steel arches under uniform bendingBradford, MA; Pi, Y
2007-01Flexural-torsional buckling of shallow arches with open thin-walled section under uniform radial loadsPi, Y; Bradford, MA; Tin-loi, F