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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-07A survey of falls in people with dystonia.Boyce, MJ; Chang, FCF; Mahant, N; Fung, VSC; Bradnam, L
2016-01-01Afferent inhibition and cortical silent periods in shoulder primary motor cortex and effect of a suprascapular nerve block in people experiencing chronic shoulder painBradnam, L; Shanahan, EM; Hendy, K; Reed, A; Skipworth, T; Visser, A; Lennon, S
2017-06-01Impairments of balance, stepping reactions and gait in people with cervical dystoniaBarr, C; Barnard, R; Edwards, L; Lennon, S; Bradnam, L
2013-12-01Non-invasive cerebellar stimulation in dystoniaGraetz, L; Bradnam, L
2019Reduced vision-related quality of life in people living with dystonia.Bradnam, L; Chen, C; Graetz, L; Loetscher, T
2016-05-18The relationship between knowledge of pain neurophysiology and fear avoidance in people with chronic pain: A point in time, observational studyFletcher, C; Bradnam, L; Barr, C
2013-11-22The role of the trigeminal sensory nuclear complex in the pathophysiology of craniocervical dystoniaBradnam, L; Barry, C
2018-05-02S63. Cerebellar stimulation for adults with cervical dystonia: A tDCS studyMcCambridge, A; Bradnam, L
2018-05-01Systematic Review of Rehabilitation in Focal Dystonias: Classification and RecommendationsPrudente, CN; Zetterberg, L; Bring, A; Bradnam, L; Kimberley, TJ
2019-09-26The impact of physical activity and exercise on people living with dystoniaBradnam, L; McCambridge, A; Meiring, R
2017-10-01Validation of Fear of Falling and Balance Confidence Assessment Scales in Persons with DystoniaBoyce, MJ; Lam, L; Chang, F; Mahant, N; Fung, VSC; Bradnam, L