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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
19-Apr-2016Direction of Arrival (DOA) and Channel EstimationBarua, S; Braun, RM; Diab, A
1-May-2003An equalizer and memory mapping predistorter for nonlinearly amplified signals transmitted by coded OFDM systems in multipath fading channelKim, Y; Braun, RM
Jan-2013Geometry of a Sensor NetworksResconi, G; Braun, RM; Chaczko, ZC; Moreno-Díaz; Roberto; Pichler; Franz; Quesada-Arencibia; Alexis
Jan-2013Geometry of Sensor NetworksResconi, G; Braun, RM; Chaczko, ZC; Franz Pichler
Jan-2011Investigating O:MIB-based Distributed Active Information Model (DAIM) for AutonomicsPupatwibul, P; Jozi, B; Braun, RM; Callaos, N; Zinn, D; Chu, HW
Jan-2011A Markovian Model for Load-Balancing Based and Service Based Algorithms in B3G NetworksAl Sabbagh, A; Braun, RM; Cemal Ardil
Jan-2004Mastering The Mystery Through "Saiq" Metrics of User Experience in TelecollaborationMahadevan, V; Braun, RM; Chaczko, ZC; No editors
Jan-2004Modelling a Holonic Network System using Cellular Automata for Detecting Traffic CongestionChaczko, ZC; Gulrez, T; Al-Hmouz, R; Braun, RM; Beata; Wysocki; Tadeusz
2013NARGES: Prediction Model for Informed Routing in a Communications NetworkHomayounfard, H; Kennedy, PJ; Braun, RM
Jan-2013NARGES: Prediction Model for Informed Routing in a Communications NetworkHomayounfard, H; Kennedy, PJ; Braun, RM; Pei; J; Tseng; S, V; Cao; L; Motoda; H; Xu; Eds, G
Jan-2002A Perception of Next Generation E-Learning in AustraliaMahadevan, V; Braun, RM; Kadi, A; Driscoll, M; Reeves, TC
2014Performance Evaluation of TCP/IP Vs.OpenFlow in INET Framework Using Omnet++, and Implementation of Intelligent Computational Model to Provide Autonomous BehaviorBraun, RM; Pupatwibul, P; Banjar, A
Jan-2008Risk and Vulnerability Assessment of Secure Autonomic COmmunication NetworksChiang, F; Agbinya, JI; Braun, RM; Agbingya, JI; Sevimli, O; Reisenfeld, S; Selvadurai, K; Lal, S; Al-Jumaily, A; Li, Y
31-Oct-2013Teaching and learning perspective on system development in large teamsChaczko, Z; Braun, RM
Jan-2013Teaching and Learning Perspective on System Development in Large TeamsChaczko, ZC; Braun, RM; Braun, RM
Jan-2006Towards a Management Paradigm with a Constrained Benchmark for Autonomic CommunicationsChiang, F; Braun, RM; Cheung, YM; Wang, Y; Liu, H
Jan-2014Using an ICN Approach to Support Multiple Controllers in OpenFlowBanjar, AR; Pupatwibul, P; Al Sabbagh, A; Braun, RM
-Using DAIM as a reactive interpreter for openflow networks to enable autonomic functionalityBraun, RM
31-Oct-2013A virtual stock exchange simulator for education and trainingBraun, RM; Chaczko, Z; Jizan, A
Jan-2013A Virtual Stock Exchange Simulator for Education and TrainingChaczko, ZC; Braun, RM; Jizan, A; Braun, RM