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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-09-01A hierarchical, market-based, non-cooperative game-theoretic approach to projecting flexible demand-side resources: Towards more realistic demand response-integrated, long-term energy planning modelsMohseni, S; Brent, AC; Kelly, S
2022-01-01Adding a Computationally-Tractable Probabilistic Dimension to Meta-Heuristic-Based Microgrid SizingMohseni, S; Brent, AC; Burmester, D; Browne, WN; Kelly, S
2023-03-27Co-Optimization of the Sizing and Dispatch of Microgrids Considering Vehicle-to-Grid and ArbitrageMohseni, S; Brent, AC
2013-10-01A comparison of solar aided power generation (SAPG) and stand-alone concentrating solar power (CSP): A South African case studyPierce, W; Gauché, P; Von Backström, T; Brent, AC; Tadros, A
2023-01-01Consensus-based dispatch optimization of a microgrid considering meta-heuristic-based demand response scheduling and network packet loss characterizationJasim, AM; Jasim, BH; Mohseni, S; Brent, AC
2023-11-01Cutting through complexity: Coordinated demand response and future directions in global communication technologiesMohseni, S; Brent, AC
2022-04-01Demand response-integrated investment and operational planning of renewable and sustainable energy systems considering forecast uncertainties: A systematic reviewMohseni, S; Brent, AC; Kelly, S; Browne, WN
2023-07-01Energy Internet-Based Load Shifting in Smart Microgrids: An Experimental StudyJasim, AM; Jasim, BH; Mohseni, S; Brent, AC
2022-10-27Game-Theoretic Sectoral Demand Response Procurement in Multi-Energy Microgrid PlanningMohseni, S; Brent, AC
2022-11-01Metaheuristic-based isolated microgrid sizing and uncertainty quantification considering EVs as shiftable loadsMohseni, S; Khalid, R; Brent, AC
2021-12-01Modelling utility-aggregator-customer interactions in interruptible load programmes using non-cooperative game theoryMohseni, S; Brent, AC; Kelly, S; Browne, WN; Burmester, D
2023-10Multi-criteria dispatch optimization of a community energy network with desalination: Insights for trading off cost and security of supply.Monemi Bidgoli, M; Azimian, M; Amir, V; Zarrati, M; Javadi, S; Mohseni, S; Brent, AC
2022-12-15Optimal Investment Planning of Bankable Multi-Carrier Microgrid NetworksAzimian, M; Amir, V; Mohseni, S; Brent, AC; Bazmohammadi, N; Guerrero, JM
2023-03-01Peer-to-peer electricity trading: A systematic review on current developments and perspectivesBukar, AL; Hamza, MF; Ayub, S; Abobaker, AK; Modu, B; Mohseni, S; Brent, AC; Ogbonnaya, C; Mustapha, K; Idakwo, HO
2022-07-01Quantifying the effects of forecast uncertainty on the role of different battery technologies in grid-connected solar photovoltaic/wind/micro-hydro micro-grids: An optimal planning studyMohseni, S; Brent, AC
2022-04-01Resilience-Oriented Planning of Multi-Carrier Microgrids under Cyber-AttacksAzimian, M; Amir, V; Javadi, S; Mohseni, S; Brent, AC
2022-07-04Risk-based dispatch optimization of microgrids considering the uncertainty in EV driving patternsMohseni, S; Brent, AC
2023-07-01Stochastic, resilience-oriented optimal sizing of off-grid microgrids considering EV-charging demand response: An efficiency comparison of state-of-the-art metaheuristicsMohseni, S; Khalid, R; Brent, AC
2021-04-01Strategic design optimisation of multi-energy-storage-technology micro-grids considering a two-stage game-theoretic market for demand response aggregationMohseni, S; Brent, AC; Kelly, S; Browne, WN; Burmester, D