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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2004Changes in asthma management in Australian general practiceHenderson, J; Knox, SA; Pan, Y; Britt, H
Jan-2007Clinical activity of overseas-trained doctors practising in general practice in AustraliaBayram, C; Knox, SA; Ng, A; Britt, H
Jan-2002A comparison of general practice encounters with patients from English-speaking and non-English-speaking backgroundsKnox, SA; Britt, H
Jan-2004The contribution of demographic and morbidity factors to self-reported visit frequency of patients: a cross-sectional study of general practice patients in AustraliaKnox, SA; Britt, H
Jan-2004The demand for surgery: An analysis of referrals from Australian general practitionersGruen, RL; Knox, SA; Carson, P; O'Rourke, IC; Britt, H; Bailie, RS
Jan-2005Encounters with Indigenous patients in Australian general practiceCharles, J; Britt, H; Knox, SA
Jan-2008Estimating prevalence of common chronic morbidities in AustraliaKnox, SA; Harrison, C; Britt, H; Henderson, J
Jan-2004General practice encounters for psychological problems in rural, remote and metropolitan areas in AustraliaCaldwell, TM; Jorm, AF; Knox, SA; Braddock, D; Dear, KB; Britt, H
Jan-2005The management of alcohol, tobacco and illicit drug use problems by general practitioners in AustraliaDegenhardt, L; Knox, SA; Barker, B; Britt, H; Shakeshaft, A
Jan-2006Patient perception of their weight, attempts to lose weight and their diabetes statusCharles, J; Britt, H; Knox, SA
Jan-2008Prevalence and patterns of multimorbidity in AustraliaBritt, H; Harrison, C; Miller, G; Knox, SA
Jan-2004The Surgical Nosology In Primary-care Settings (SNIPS): a simple bridging classification for the interface between primary and specialist careGruen, RL; Knox, SA; Britt, H; Bailie, RS
Jan-2002Where there is no surgeon: the effect of specialist proximity on general practitioners' referral ratesGruen, RL; Knox, SA; Britt, H; Bailie, RS