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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012-01-16Automated detection of amnestic mild cognitive impairment in community-dwelling elderly adults: A combined spatial atrophy and white matter alteration approachCui, Y; Wen, W; Lipnicki, DM; Beg, MF; Jin, JS; Luo, S; Zhu, W; Kochan, NA; Reppermund, S; Zhuang, L; Raamana, PR; Liu, T; Trollor, JN; Wang, L; Brodaty, H; Sachdev, PS
2013-12-01Care planning practices for behavioural and psychological symptoms of dementia in residential aged care: A pilot of an education toolkit informed by the Aged Care Funding InstrumentJeon, YH; Govett, J; Low, LF; Chenoweth, L; McNeill, G; Hoolahan, A; Brodaty, H; O'Connor, D
2009-01-01Caring for Aged Dementia Care Resident Study (CADRES) of person-centred care, dementia-care mapping, and usual care in dementia: a cluster-randomised trialChenoweth, L; King, MT; Jeon, YH; Brodaty, H; Stein-Parbury, J; Norman, R; Haas, M; Luscombe, G
2017-09-26Classifying MCI subtypes in community-dwelling elderly using cross-sectional and longitudinal MRI-based biomarkersGuan, H; Liu, T; Jiang, J; Tao, D; Zhang, J; Niu, H; Zhu, W; Wang, Y; Cheng, J; Kochan, NA; Brodaty, H; Sachdev, P; Wen, W
2015-10-01Computer modeling with randomized-controlled trial data informs the development of person-centered aged care homesChenoweth, L; Vickland, V; Stein-Parbury, J; Jeon, YH; Kenny, P; Brodaty, H
2017-02-01Evidence-based occupational therapy for people with dementia and their families: What clinical practice guidelines tell us and implications for practiceLaver, K; Cumming, R; Dyer, S; Agar, M; Anstey, KJ; Beattie, E; Brodaty, H; Broe, T; Clemson, L; Crotty, M; Dietz, M; Draper, B; Flicker, L; Friel, M; Heuzenroeder, L; Koch, S; Kurrle, S; Nay, R; Pond, D; Thompson, J; Santalucia, Y; Whitehead, C; Yates, M
2019-01-29Genetic and lifestyle risk factors for MRI-defined brain infarcts in a population-based settingChauhan, G; Adams, HHH; Satizabal, CL; Bis, JC; Teumer, A; Sargurupremraj, M; Hofer, E; Trompet, S; Hilal, S; Smith, AV; Jian, X; Malik, R; Traylor, M; Pulit, SL; Amouyel, P; Mazoyer, B; Zhu, Y-C; Kaffashian, S; Schilling, S; Beecham, GW; Montine, TJ; Schellenberg, GD; Kjartansson, O; Gudnason, V; Knopman, DS; Griswold, ME; Windham, BG; Gottesman, RF; Mosley, TH; Schmidt, R; Saba, Y; Schmidt, H; Takeuchi, F; Yamaguchi, S; Nabika, T; Kato, N; Rajan, KB; Aggarwal, NT; De Jager, PL; Evans, DA; Psaty, BM; Rotter, JI; Rice, K; Lopez, OL; Liao, J; Chen, C; Cheng, C-Y; Wong, TY; Ikram, MK; van der Lee, SJ; Amin, N; Chouraki, V; DeStefano, AL; Aparicio, HJ; Romero, JR; Maillard, P; DeCarli, C; Wardlaw, JM; Hernandez, MDCV; Luciano, M; Liewald, D; Deary, IJ; Starr, JM; Bastin, ME; Maniega, SM; Slagboom, PE; Beekman, M; Deelen, J; Uh, H-W; Lemmens, R; Brodaty, H; Wright, MJ; Ames, D; Boncoraglio, GB; Hopewell, JC; Beecham, AH; Blanton, SH; Wright, CB; Sacco, RL; Wen, W; Thalamuthu, A; Armstrong, NJ; Chong, E; Schofield, PR; Kwok, JB; van der Grond, J; Stott, DJ; Ford, I; Jukema, JW; Vernooij, MW; Hofman, A; Uitterlinden, AG; van der Lugt, A; Wittfeld, K; Grabe, HJ; Hosten, N; von Sarnowski, B; Voelker, U; Levi, C; Jimenez-Conde, J; Sharma, P; Sudlow, CLM; Rosand, J; Woo, D; Cole, JW; Meschia, JF; Slowik, A; Thijs, V; Lindgren, A; Melander, O; Grewal, RP; Rundek, T; Rexrode, K; Rothwell, PM; Arnett, DK; Jern, C; Johnson, JA; Benavente, OR; Wasssertheil-Smoller, S; Lee, J-M; Wong, Q; Mitchell, BD; Rich, SS; McArdle, PF; Geerlings, MI; van der Graaf, Y; de Bakker, PIW; Asselbergs, FW; Srikanth, V; Thomson, R; McWhirter, R; Moran, C; Callisaya, M; Thanh, P; Rutten-Jacobs, LCA; Bevan, S; Tzourio, C; Mather, KA; Sachdev, PS; van Duijn, CM; Worrall, BB; Dichgans, M; Kittner, SJ; Markus, HS; Ikram, MA; Fornage, M; Launer, LJ; Seshadri, S; Longstreth, WT; Debette, S
2017-08-01Halting Antipsychotic Use in Long-Term care (HALT): A single-arm longitudinal study aiming to reduce inappropriate antipsychotic use in long-term care residents with behavioral and psychological symptoms of dementiaJessop, T; Harrison, F; Cations, M; Draper, B; Chenoweth, L; Hilmer, S; Westbury, J; Low, LF; Heffernan, M; Sachdev, P; Close, J; Blennerhassett, J; Marinkovich, M; Shell, A; Brodaty, H
2012-10-01Implementing Person-Centered Care in Residential Dementia CareStein-Parbury, J; Chenoweth, L; Jeon, YH; Brodaty, H; Haas, M; Norman, R
2013-12-01Limited relationships between two-year changes in sulcal morphology and other common neuroimaging indices in the elderlyLiu, T; Sachdev, PS; Lipnicki, DM; Jiang, J; Geng, G; Zhu, W; Reppermund, S; Tao, D; Trollor, JN; Brodaty, H; Wen, W
2014-01-01PerCEN: A cluster randomized controlled trial of person-centered residential care and environment for people with dementiaChenoweth, L; Forbes, I; Fleming, R; King, MT; Stein-Parbury, J; Luscombe, G; Kenny, P; Jeon, YH; Haas, M; Brodaty, H
2012-04-02Predicting the development of mild cognitive impairment: A new use of pattern recognitionCui, Y; Sachdev, PS; Lipnicki, DM; Jin, JS; Luo, S; Zhu, W; Kochan, NA; Reppermund, S; Liu, T; Trollor, JN; Brodaty, H; Wen, W
2016-07-01The relationship between the quality of the built environment and the quality of life of people with dementia in residential careFleming, R; Goodenough, B; Low, LF; Chenoweth, L; Brodaty, H
2005-02Respite care for caregivers and people with severe mental illness: literature review.Jeon, Y-H; Brodaty, H; Chesterson, J
2012-05-01Staff outcomes from the Caring for Aged Dementia Care REsident Study (CADRES): A cluster randomised trialJeon, YH; Luscombe, G; Chenoweth, L; Stein-Parbury, J; Brodaty, H; King, M; Haas, M
2012-12-01Study protocol for a randomized controlled trial of humor therapy in residential care: the Sydney Multisite Intervention of LaughterBosses and ElderClowns (SMILE)Goodenough, B; Low, LF; Casey, AN; Chenoweth, L; Fleming, R; Spitzer, P; Bell, JP; Brodaty, H
2011-09-01Study Protocol of a Randomised Controlled Group Trial of Client and Care Outcomes in the Residential Dementia Care SettingChenoweth, L; King, M; Luscombe, G; Forbes, I; Jeon, YH; Parbury, JS; Brodaty, H; Fleming, R; Haas, M
2013-02-12The Sydney Multisite Intervention of LaughterBosses and ElderClowns (SMILE) study: Cluster randomised trial of humour therapy in nursing homesLow, LF; Brodaty, H; Goodenough, B; Spitzer, P; Bell, JP; Fleming, R; Casey, AN; Liu, Z; Chenoweth, L
2010-01-01A systematic review of what factors attract and retain nurses in aged and dementia careChenoweth, L; Jeon, YH; Merlyn, T; Brodaty, H
2011Validation of the Environmental Audit Tool in both purpose-built and non-purpose-built dementia care settingsSmith, R; Fleming, R; Chenoweth, L; Jeon, Y; Stein-Parbury, M; Brodaty, H