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2020A large-scale automated radio telemetry network for monitoring movements of terrestrial wildlife in AustraliaGriffin, AS; Brown, C; Woodworth, BK; Ballard, G-A; Blanch, S; Campbell, HA; Crewe, TL; Hansbro, PM; Herbert, CA; Hosking, T; Hoye, BJ; Law, B; Leigh, K; Machovsky-Capuska, GE; Rasmussen, T; McDonald, PG; Roderick, M; Slade, C; Mackenzie, SA; Taylor, PD
2023-01-01Academic Women Co-designing Education Futures in a Postdigital WorldBrown, C; Huber, E; Bone, E; Gribble, L; Lys, I; Dickson-Deane, C; Yu, P; Markauskaite, L; Campbell, C
2019-10-01Activated and Bone-marrow Resident Treg Alterations Underlie Malignant Transformation from MGUS to Multiple MyelomaVuckovic, S; Bryant, C; Marsh-Wakefield, F; Kruzins, A; McGuire, H; Yang, S; de St Groth, BF; Nassif, N; Byrne, SN; Gibson, J; Brown, C; Larsen, S; McCulloch, D; Boyle, R; Clark, G; Joshua, D; Ho, PJ
2019-04-01Assessing research impact: Australian Research Council criteria and the case of Family Wellbeing researchTsey, K; Onnis, LA; Whiteside, M; McCalman, J; Williams, M; Heyeres, M; Lui, SM; Klieve, H; Cadet-James, Y; Baird, L; Brown, C; Watkin Lui, F; Grainger, D; Gabriel, Z; Millgate, N; Cheniart, B; Hunter, T; Liu, HB; Yinghong, Y; Yan, L; Lovett, R; Chong, A; Kinchin, I
2020Best Evidence to Best Practice: Implementing an Innovative Model of Nutrition Care for Patients with Head and Neck Cancer Improves OutcomesFindlay, M; Rankin, NM; Shaw, T; White, K; Boyer, M; Milross, C; De Abreu Lourenco, R; Brown, C; Collett, G; Beale, P; Bauer, JD
2023Gamay (Botany Bay, Australia): What we know and still need to know about this highly modified coastal waterway?Stelling-Wood, TP; Gribben, PE; Birch, G; Bishop, MJ; Blount, C; Booth, DJ; Brown, C; Bruce, E; Bugnot, AB; Byrne, M; Creese, RG; Dafforn, KA; Dahlenburg, J; Doblin, MA; Fellowes, TE; Fowler, AM; Gibbs, MC; Glamore, W; Glasby, TM; Hay, AC; Kelaher, B; Knott, NA; Larkum, AWD; Parker, LM; Marzinelli, EM; Mayer-Pinto, M; Morgan, B; Murray, SA; Rees, MJ; Ross, PM; Roughan, M; Saintilan, N; Scanes, E; Seymour, JR; Schaefer, N; Suthers, IM; Taylor, MD; Williamson, JE; Concejo, AV; Whittington, RJ; Figueira, WF
2017-10-01Incidence and severity of self-reported chemotherapy side effects in routine care: A prospective cohort studyPearce, A; Haas, M; Viney, R; Pearson, SA; Haywood, P; Brown, C; Ward, R
2020-10Inverse relationship between oligoclonal expanded CD69- TTE and CD69+ TTE cells in bone marrow of multiple myeloma patients.Vuckovic, S; Bryant, CE; Lau, KHA; Yang, S; Favaloro, J; McGuire, HM; Clark, G; de St Groth, BF; Marsh-Wakefield, F; Nassif, N; Abadir, E; Vanguru, V; McCulloch, D; Brown, C; Larsen, S; Dunkley, S; Khoo, L; Gibson, J; Boyle, R; Joshua, D; Ho, PJ
2023-11-28Let me confess … Can a social media page create a sense of belonging?White, A; Caccamo, F; Cochrane, T; Narayan, V; Brown, C; MacCallum, K; Bone, E; Deneen, C; Vanderburg, R; Hurren, B
2019-01-01Mass cytometry discovers two discrete subsets of CD39<sup>−</sup> treg which discriminate MGUS from multiple myelomaMarsh-Wakefield, F; Kruzins, A; McGuire, HM; Yang, S; Bryant, C; Barbara, BF; Nassif, N; Byrne, SN; Gibson, J; Brown, C; Larsen, S; McCulloch, D; Boyle, R; Clark, G; Joshua, D; Ho, PJ; Vuckovic, S
2020Sarcopenia and myosteatosis in patients undergoing curative radiotherapy for head and neck cancer: Impact on survival, treatment completion, hospital admission and costFindlay, M; Brown, C; De Abreu Lourenco, R; White, K; Bauer, JD
2018-05-09Selecting low-flammability plants as green firebreaks within sustainable urban garden designMurray, BR; Martin, LJ; Brown, C; Krix, DW; Phillips, ML
2018-01-01Teaching chemistry with analogies around the world: Views of teachers from four countriesAkaygun, S; Brown, C; Karatas, FO; Supasorn, S; Yaseen, Z