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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-07-31An evidence-based health evaluation of the FRNSW Tactical Athlete Resilience ProgramFullagar, H; Brown, G; Marin, E; Sharp, P; Stadnyk, A; Impellizzeri, F; Coutts, A; Caperchione, C
2012-01-01Concept mapping: Understanding indigenous tourist accommodation businesses in IranHassanli, N; Brown, G; Gross, M
2022-05Cooling strategies for firefighters: Effects on physiological, physical, and visuo-motor outcomes following fire-fighting tasks in the heat.Fullagar, H; Notley, SR; Fransen, J; Richardson, A; Stadnyk, A; Lu, D; Brown, G; Duffield, R
2016-06-01The emergence of home-based accommodations in Iran: A study of self-organizationHassanli, N; Gross, MJ; Brown, G
2022-06-03Fatigue and Recovery Time Course After Female Soccer Matches: A Systematic Review And Meta-analysis.Goulart, KNO; Coimbra, CC; Campos, HO; Drummond, LR; Ogando, PHM; Brown, G; Couto, BP; Duffield, R; Wanner, SP
2017-03-15Mineral supply for sustainable development requires resource governanceAli, SH; Giurco, D; Arndt, N; Nickless, E; Brown, G; Demetriades, A; Durrheim, R; Enriquez, MA; Kinnaird, J; Littleboy, A; Meinert, LD; Oberhänsli, R; Salem, J; Schodde, R; Schneider, G; Vidal, O; Yakovleva, N
2017-01-01New weapons in the toad toolkit: A review of methods to control and mitigate the biodiversity impacts of invasive cane toads (rhinella marina)Tingley, R; Ward-Fear, G; Schwarzkopf, L; Greenlees, MJ; Phillips, BL; Brown, G; Clulow, S; Webb, J; Capon, R; Sheppard, A; Strive, T; Tizard, M; Shine, R
2022-09-01P48 Perinatal mental health: using interactive videos and simulation to develop skills in midwifery practiceFox, D; Solanki, K; Brown, G; Catling, C; Scarf, V; Sheehy, A; Musgrave, L; Margetts, J; McEwen, T; Abela, P; Baird, K
2022-11-29Perinatal mental healthcare: Developing skills in midwifery students.Fox, D; Solanki, K; Brown, G; Catling, C; Scarf, V; Sheehy, A; Musgrave, L; Margetts, J; McEwen, T; Abela, P; Baird, K
2018-01-02State of leisure studies in Australia and New ZealandTower, J; McGrath, R; Sibson, R; Adair, D; Bevan, N; Brown, G; Foley, C; Fullagar, S; Gray, L; Hawkins, C; Jeanes, R; Kerr, R; Martin, K; Maxwell, H; McDonald, K; Peel, N; Reis, A; Xing, T; Yerbury, R; Zimmerman, JA
2013-11-01Tourist decision-making: Selecting a travel agency in IranHassanli, N; Brown, G; Tajzadeh-Namin, A
2020What are women's mode of birth preferences and why? A systematic scoping review.Coates, D; Thirukumar, P; Spear, V; Brown, G; Henry, A
2018-08-21When did Homo sapiens first reach Southeast Asia and Sahul?O'Connell, JF; Allen, J; Williams, MAJ; Williams, AN; Turney, CSM; Spooner, NA; Kamminga, J; Brown, G; Cooper, A