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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
19-Feb-2013Application of multicriteria decision making methods to compression ignition engine efficiency and gaseous, particulate, and greenhouse gas emissionsSurawski, NC; Miljevic, B; Bodisco, TA; Brown, RJ; Ristovski, ZD; Ayoko, GA
1-Dec-2019Effect of cold start on engine performance and emissions from diesel engines using IMO-Compliant distillate fuelsChu Van, T; Zare, A; Jafari, M; Bodisco, TA; Surawski, N; Verma, P; Suara, K; Ristovski, Z; Rainey, T; Stevanovic, S; Brown, RJ
1-Dec-2018Effect of sulphur and vanadium spiked fuels on particle characteristics and engine performance of auxiliary diesel enginesChu Van, T; Ristovski, Z; Surawski, N; Bodisco, TA; Rahman, SMA; Alroe, J; Miljevic, B; Hossain, FM; Suara, K; Rainey, T; Brown, RJ
1-Jan-2017Effects of sulphur and vanadium contents in diesel fuel on engine performance and emissions: Principal component analysis (PCA)Surawski, N; Van, TC; Ristovski, Z; Cong, NL; Lan, HN; Yuan, CSJ; Rahman, SMA; Hossain, FM; Guo, Y; Milic, A; Rainey, T; Garaniya, V; Brown, RJ
1-Jan-2012Exit humidity of wet scrubbers for underground coal minesSitu, R; Brown, RJ; Wang, H; Surawski, N; Ristovski, ZD
1-Feb-2012Gaseous and particle emissions from an ethanol fumigated compression ignition engineSurawski, NC; Ristovski, ZD; Brown, RJ; Situ, R
1-Jan-2017Modelling the effects of ethanol fumigation on engine performance and emissions in a six-cylinder, common rail diesel engineLodi, F; Bodisco, T; Surawski, N; Brown, RJ; Yousef, Y
1-Oct-2014Performance and gaseous and particle emissions from a liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) fumigated compression ignition engineSurawski, NC; Miljevic, B; Bodisco, TA; Situ, R; Brown, RJ; Ristovski, ZD