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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-10-01Characteristics and outcomes of newborns entered who entered into care (EIC) within 7 days of birth in NSW, AustraliaMarsh, CA; Browne, J; Taylor, J; Davis, D
2021-10-07Concerns and priorities of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples regarding food and nutrition: a systematic review of qualitative evidence.Christidis, R; Lock, M; Walker, T; Egan, M; Browne, J
2014-01-01"Continuity of care" experiences in midwifery education: Perspectives from diverse stakeholdersBrowne, J; Haora, PJ; Taylor, J; Davis, DL
2013-01-01Does antenatal education affect labour and birth? A structured review of the literatureFerguson, S; Davis, D; Browne, J
2020-08Effects of food policy actions on Indigenous Peoples' nutrition-related outcomes: a systematic review.Browne, J; Lock, M; Walker, T; Egan, M; Backholer, K
2021-12-01First Nations Peoples' Participation in the Development of Population-Wide Food and Nutrition Policy in Australia: A Political Economy and Cultural Safety Analysis.Browne, J; Gilmore, M; Lock, M; Backholer, K
2019-01-01‘I felt like I could do anything!’ Writing the phenomenon of ‘transcendent birth’ through autoethnographyKurz, E; Davis, D; Browne, J
2022-07-20ICIRAS: Research and reconciliation with indigenous peoples in rural health journals.Lock Ngiyampaa, MJ; McMillan Wiradjuri, F; Warne Oglala Lakota, D; Bennett Gamilaraay, B; Kidd Ngāpuhi, J; Williams Bkejwanong, N; Martire, JL; Worley, P; Hutten-Czapski, P; Saurman, E; Matthews Quandamooka, V; Walke Bundjalung, E; Edwards Worimi, D; Owen Nurrunga And Ngarrendjeri, J; Browne, J; Roberts, R
2022-07Indigenous Cultural Identity of Research Authors Standard: research and reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples in rural health journals.Lock, MJ; McMillan, F; Warne, D; Bennett, B; Kidd, J; Williams, N; Martire, JL; Worley, P; Hutten-Czapski, P; Saurman, E; Mathews, V; Walke, E; Edwards, D; Owen, J; Browne, J; Roberts, R
2019-02-01Making the hidden seen: A narrative analysis of the experiences of Assumption of Care at birthMarsh, CA; Browne, J; Taylor, J; Davis, D
2021-06Promoting cultural rigour through critical appraisal tools in First Nations peoples' research.Lock, MJ; Walker, T; Browne, J
2017-02-01A researcher's journey: Exploring a sensitive topic with vulnerable womenMarsh, CA; Browne, J; Taylor, J; Davis, D
2013-10-01Salutogenesis and normal birthFerguson, S; Davis, D; Browne, J
2014-01-01'You've got it within you': The political act of keeping a wellness focus in the antenatal timeBrowne, J; O'Brien, M; Taylor, J; Bowman, R; Davis, D