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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-05-01Barriers to participation in a placebo-surgical trial for lumbar spinal stenosisAnderson, DB; Mobbs, RJ; Eyles, J; Meyer, SE; Machado, GC; Davis, GA; Harris, IA; Buchbinder, R; Ferreira, ML
2017-07-20Creation of a core outcome set for clinical trials of people with shoulder pain: A study protocolGagnier, JJ; Page, MJ; Huang, H; Verhagen, AP; Buchbinder, R
2017-10-01Effectiveness of an electronic patient-centred self-management tool for gout sufferers: A cluster randomised controlled trail protocolDay, RO; Frensham, LJ; Nguyen, AD; Baysari, MT; Aung, E; Lau, AYS; Zwar, N; Reath, J; Laba, T; Li, L; McLachlan, A; Runciman, WB; Buchbinder, R; Clay-Williams, R; Coiera, E; Braithwaite, J; McNeil, HP; Hunter, DJ; Pile, KJ; Portek, I; Williams, KM; Westbrook, JI
2016-09Evaluation of measurement properties of self-administered PROMs aimed at patients with non-specific shoulder pain and "activity limitations": a systematic review.Thoomes-de Graaf, M; Scholten-Peeters, GGM; Schellingerhout, JM; Bourne, AM; Buchbinder, R; Koehorst, M; Terwee, CB; Verhagen, AP
2016Identifying a core set of outcome domains to measure in clinical trials for shoulder disorders: a modified Delphi study.Page, MJ; Huang, H; Verhagen, AP; Buchbinder, R; Gagnier, JJ
2021-03-05Models for delivery and co-ordination of primary or secondary health care (or both) to older adults living in aged care facilitiesPutrik, P; Grobler, L; Lalor, A; Karnon, J; Parker, D; Morgan, M; Buchbinder, R; O'Connor, D
2018-02-01Outcome Reporting in Randomized Trials for Shoulder Disorders: Literature Review to Inform the Development of a Core Outcome SetPage, MJ; Huang, H; Verhagen, AP; Gagnier, JJ; Buchbinder, R
2017-12-01A preliminary core domain set for clinical trials of shoulder disorders: A report from the OMERACT 2016 shoulder core outcome set special interest groupBuchbinder, R; Page, MJ; Huang, H; Verhagen, AP; Beaton, D; Kopkow, C; Lenza, M; Jain, NB; Richards, B; Richards, P; Voshaar, M; Van Der Windt, D; Gagnier, JJ
2019-02-01SUcceSS, SUrgery for Spinal Stenosis: Protocol of a randomised, placebo-controlled trialAnderson, DB; Ferreira, ML; Harris, IA; Davis, GA; Stanford, R; Beard, D; Li, Q; Jan, S; Mobbs, RJ; Maher, CG; Yong, R; Zammit, T; Latimer, J; Buchbinder, R
2020-02-15What Do the OMERACT Shoulder Core Set Candidate Instruments Measure? An Analysis Using the Refined International Classification of Functioning, Disability, and Health Linking Rules.Røe, Y; Buchbinder, R; Grotle, M; Whittle, S; Ramiro, S; Huang, H; Gagnier, J; Verhagen, A; Østensjø, S