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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008-08-01Comparing the growth and effectiveness of forensic DNA databasesWalsh, SJ; Buckleton, JS; Ribaux, O; Roux, C; Raymond, T
2007A comprehensive analysis of microsatellite diversity in Aboriginal Australians.Walsh, SJ; Mitchell, RJ; Watson, N; Buckleton, JS
2004-01-01Dna profiling and criminal justice: A contribution to a changing debateRoux, C; Walsh, SJ; Ribaux, O; Buckleton, JS; Ross, A
2003-09Evidence in support of self-declaration as a sampling method for the formation of sub-population DNA databases.Walsh, SJ; Triggs, CM; Curran, JM; Cullen, JR; Buckleton, JS
2006-03-10How reliable is the sub-population model in DNA testimony?Buckleton, JS; Curran, JM; Walsh, SJ
2007-09-13Population data from sub-populations of the Northern Territory of Australia for 15 autosomal short tandem repeat (STR) loci.Eckhoff, C; Walsh, SJ; Buckleton, JS
2008-03-05Population data from the New South Wales Aboriginal Australian sub-population for the profiler plus autosomal short tandem repeat (STR) loci.Goetz, R; West, J; Walsh, SJ; Buckleton, JS
2019-03-01The Probabilistic Genotyping Software STRmix: Utility and Evidence for its ValidityBuckleton, JS; Bright, JA; Gittelson, S; Moretti, TR; Onorato, AJ; Bieber, FR; Budowle, B; Taylor, DA
2005-01R v Bropho: Careful interpretation of DNA evidence required for courtroom decision-makingBuckleton, JS; Curran, JM; Walsh, SJ
2018-07-01A response to “Likelihood ratio as weight of evidence: A closer look” by Lund and IyerGittelson, S; Berger, CEH; Jackson, G; Evett, IW; Champod, C; Robertson, B; Curran, JM; Taylor, D; Weir, BS; Coble, MD; Buckleton, JS
2007-12-01Use of subpopulation data in Australian forensic DNA caseworkWalsh, SJ; Mitchell, RJ; Torpy, F; Buckleton, JS