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2016Advance care planning in patients with incurable cancer: study protocol for a randomised controlled trialJohnson, S; Clayton, S; Butow, P; Silvester, W; Detering, K; Hall, JP; Kiely, B; Cebon, J; Clarke, S; Michael, N; Belle, M; Stockler, M; Beale, P; Tattersall, MHN
Aug-2012Case conferences in palliative care - a substudy of a cluster randomised controlled trial.Shelby-James, TM; Butow, P; Davison, G; Currow, DC
Jan-2011Choosing between the EORTC QLQ-C30 and FACT-G for measuring health-related quality of life in cancer clinical research: issues, evidence and recommendationsLuckett, T; King, MT; Butow, P; Oguchi, M; Rankin, N; Price, M; Hackl, N; Heading, G
Feb-2017Closing evidence-practice gaps in lung cancer: Results from multi-methods priority setting in the clinical context.McGregor, D; Rankin, N; Butow, P; York, S; White, K; Phillips, J; Stone, E; Barnes, D; Jones, R; Shaw, T
Nov-2015Communication differences when patients and caregivers are seen separately or together.Swetenham, K; Tieman, J; Butow, P; Currow, D
Jan-2012A comparison of the FACT-G and the supportive care needs survey (SCNS) in women with ovarian cancer - unidimensionality of constructsColagiuri, B; King, MT; Butow, P; McGrane, JA; Luckett, T; Price, MA; Birney, DP; The Australian Ovarian Cancer Study Group; The Australian Ovarian Cancer Study—Quality of Life Study Investigators
Jan-2011Grappling With Cultural Differences; Communication Between Oncologists And Immigrant Cancer Patients With And Without InterpretersButow, P; Bell, M; Goldstein, D; Sze, M; Aldridge, L; Abdo, S; Mikhail, M; Dong, S; Iedema, RA; Ashgari, R; Hui, R; Eisenbruch, M
Jan-2011Interpretation In Consultations With Immigrant Patients With Cancer: How Accurate Is It?Butow, P; Goldstein, D; Bell, M; Sze, M; Aldridge, LP; Abdo, S; Tanious, M; Dong, S; Iedema, RA; Vardy, J; Ashgari, R; Hui, R; Eisenbruch, M
Mar-2015Long-term workforce participation patterns following head and neck cancer.Pearce, A; Timmons, A; O'Sullivan, E; Gallagher, P; Gooberman-Hill, R; Thomas, AA; Molcho, M; Butow, P; Sharp, L
Jan-2013Patient perspectives regarding communication about prognosis and end-of-life issues: How can it be optimised?Walczak, W; Butow, P; Davidson, PM; Bellemore, FA; Tattersall, M; Clayton, J; Young, J; Mazer, B; Ladwig, S; Epstein, RM
Jan-2013The prevalence and correlates of supportive care needs in testicular cancer survivors: A cross-sectional studySmith, A; King, MT; Butow, P; Luckett, T; Grimison, P; Toner, G; Stockler, MR; Hovey, E; Stubbs, J; Hruby, G; Gurney, H; Turner, S; Alam, M; Cox, K; Oliver, I
Apr-2016The prevalence, severity, and correlates of psychological distress and impaired health-related quality of life following treatment for testicular cancer: a survivorship study.Smith, AB; Butow, P; Olver, I; Luckett, T; Grimison, P; Toner, GC; Stockler, MR; Hovey, E; Stubbs, J; Turner, S; Hruby, G; Gurney, H; Alam, M; Cox, K; King, MT
Jan-2012Prognostic Communication Preferences Of Migrant Patients And Their RelativesMitchison, D; Butow, P; Sze, M; Aldridge, LP; Hui, R; Vardy, J; Eisenbruch, M; Iedema, RA; Goldstein, D
Jan-2011The psychological wellbeing and quality of life of US Hispanic and Asian/Pacific Islander cancer patients compared to the majority: A systematic review and meta-analysisLuckett, T; Goldstein, D; Butow, P; Gebski, V; Aldridge, L; McGrane, J; Ng, W; King, MT
Jan-2008Psychosocial issues in long-term survivors of testicular cancerLuckett, T; Butow, P; King, MT; Olver, I
Jul-2014Quality of life in urban and rural settings: a study of head and neck cancer survivors.Thomas, AA; Timmons, A; Molcho, M; Pearce, A; Gallagher, P; Butow, P; O'Sullivan, E; Gooberman-Hill, R; O'Neill, C; Sharp, L
Jan-2013Should culture affect practice? A comparison of prognostic discussions in consultations with immigrant versus native-born cancer patientsButow, P; Sze, M; Eisenbruch, M; Bell, M; Aldridge, L; Abdo, S; Tanious, M; Dong, S; Iedema, RA; Vardy, J; Hui, R; Boyle, F; Liauw, W; Goldstein, D