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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008-12-22T06:47:45ZAustralian Indigenous Collections: First generation issuesByrne, A; Gibson, J; Gardiner, G; McKeough, J; Nakata, M; Nakata, V
2010-04-12T00:01:07ZDesigning the Library of the FutureByrne, A
2003-01Digital libraries: barriers or gateways to scholarly information?Byrne, A
2004-06Digital libraries: Can we deliver them without open access?Byrne, A
2003-05-19The end of history: censorship and librariesByrne, A
2004-01The End of History: Censorship and librariesByrne, A
2008-01-01Indigenous digital collections: An early look at the organisation and culture interfaceNakata, M; Nakata, V; Gardiner, G; McKeough, J; Byrne, A; Gibson, J
2005-01Indigenous Knowledge, the Library and Information Service Sector, and ProtocolsNakata, NM; Byrne, A; Nakata, VS; Gardiner, G
2016-01-02Indigenous voices in the State Library of New South WalesThorpe, K; Byrne, A
2011-02-21T04:59:50ZIntroduction to Research WeekBrungs, A; Byrne, A
2005-01Libraries, Indigenous Australians and a Developing Protocols Strategy for the Library and Information SectorNakata, NM; Byrne, A; Nakata, VS; Gardiner, G
2003-01Necromancy or life support? Libraries, democracy and the concerned intellectualByrne, A
2004-02-16Peanuts for cultureByrne, A
2004-05Performance Measures for 21st Century LibrariesByrne, A
2007-01The politics of promoting freedom of information and expression in international librarianship: the IFLA/FAIFE projectByrne, A
2004-05-12The politics of the World Summit on the Information SocietyByrne, A
2005-09-06T06:56:40ZPromoting the global information commons: a response to the WSIS Declaration of Principles from the library and information sectorByrne, A
2005-09-08SCONUL Study TourByrne, A
2002-01The Sounds of Silence: Copyright and human rights.Byrne, A
2003-11-19UTS and the Idea of The City in the Twenty-first CenturyByrne, A