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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-04-08Comparing multi-attribute utility instruments: CP-6D, a Cerebral palsy specific instrument, vs AQoL-4D.Bahrampour, M; Downes, M; Scuffham, PA; Byrnes, J
2019-09-12Developing a cerebral palsy-specific preference-based measure for a six-dimensional classification system (CP-6D): protocol for a valuation study.Bahrampour, M; Norman, R; Byrnes, J; Downes, M; Scuffham, PA
2017-01-25Developing a dementia-specific health state classification system for a new preference-based instrument AD-5DNguyen, KH; Mulhern, B; Kularatna, S; Byrnes, J; Moyle, W; Comans, T
2021-12-02Development of a classification (descriptive) system for a preference-based quality of life measure for dental caries (dental caries utility index) among adolescents.Hettiarachchi, RM; Kularatna, S; Byrnes, J; Chen, G; Mulhern, B; Scuffham, PA
2021-05-26Development of a preference-based heart disease-specific health state classification system using MacNew heart disease-related quality of life instrument.Kularatna, S; Rowen, D; Mukuria, C; McPhail, S; Chen, G; Mulhern, B; Whitty, JA; Byrnes, J; Scuffham, P; Atherton, J; Höfer, S; Parsonage, W
2020-09Discrete choice experiments to generate utility values for multi-attribute utility instruments: a systematic review of methods.Bahrampour, M; Byrnes, J; Norman, R; Scuffham, PA; Downes, M
2020-01-19Does facility type and location impact upon patient experiences in emergency departments? Secondary analysis of a state-wide, cross-sectional surveyBull, C; Crilly, J; Chaboyer, W; Spain, D; Mulhern, B; Fitzgerald, G; Scuffham, P; Byrnes, J
2021-10-26Economic evaluation of reproductive carrier screening for recessive genetic conditions: a systematic review.Wang, T; Bahrampour, M; Byrnes, J; Scuffham, P; Kirk, E; Downes, M
2021-01-08Health Technology Assessment in Australia: The Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee and Medical Services Advisory CommitteeKim, H; Byrnes, J; Goodall, S; committee, ISPORACE
2016-03"ScreenIT": Computerized screening of swallowing, nutrition and distress in head and neck cancer patients during (chemo)radiotherapy.Wall, LR; Cartmill, B; Ward, EC; Hill, AJ; Isenring, E; Byrnes, J; Chambers, S; Dunn, J; Nixon, J; Whelan, J; Porceddu, SV
2021-09Using Rasch and factor analysis to develop a Proxy-Reported health state classification (descriptive) system for Cerebral Palsy.Bahrampour, M; Downes, M; Boyd, RN; Scuffham, PA; Byrnes, J
2021-01Utility Values for the CP-6D, a Cerebral Palsy-Specific Multi-Attribute Utility Instrument, Using a Discrete Choice Experiment.Bahrampour, M; Norman, R; Byrnes, J; Downes, M; Scuffham, PA
2020-10-21Valuation study for a preference-based quality of life measure for dental caries (Dental Caries Utility Index - DCUI) among Australian adolescents - study protocol.Hettiarachchi, R; Kularatna, S; Byrnes, J; Mulhern, B; Chen, G; Scuffham, PA
2023-09-19Valuing the Dental Caries Utility Index in Australia.Hettiarachchi, RM; Kularatna, S; Byrnes, J; Mulhern, B; Chen, G; Scuffham, PA
2018-07We Respect Their Autonomy and Dignity, But How Do We Value Patient-Reported Experiences?Bull, C; Byrnes, J; Mulhern, B