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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023-01-01Academic Women Co-designing Education Futures in a Postdigital WorldBrown, C; Huber, E; Bone, E; Gribble, L; Lys, I; Dickson-Deane, C; Yu, P; Markauskaite, L; Campbell, C
2003-01Designing assessment using the MATH taxonomyD'Souza, SM; Wood, LN; Bragg, L; Campbell, C; Herbert, G; Mousley, J
2023-11-20EnvironmentalDickson-Deane, C; Jayawardena, M; Porter, D; Campbell, C; Logan-Fleming, D; Jones, H
2003-01First graders' use of structure in visual memory and unitising area tasksMulligan, J; Prescott, AE; Bragg, L; Campbell, C; Herbert, G; Mousley, J
2016From Green to Ethical Consumers: What Really Motivates Consumers to Buy Ethical Products?Karsaklian, E; Fee, A; Campbell, C; Ma, JZ
2018-06-07Quality of WIL assessment design in higher education: a systematic literature reviewLasen, M; Evans, S; Tsey, K; Campbell, C; Kinchin, I
2003-01Seconday students' perceptions of instructional approaches: implications for mathematics learningD'Souza, SM; Wood, LN; Bragg, L; Campbell, C; Herbert, G; Mousley, J
2010-01SRD Change: Showcasing graduate projects that provoke sustainable changes in design thinking and practiceRamirez Jr, M; Campbell, G; Marosszeky, A; Lopes, A; Campbell, C; Forsyth, G
2013-01A study of the marketing curriculum in Australia: The 1930s to nowEllis, RB; Waller, DS; Campbell, C; Ma, J
2022-12-05Technologies and practices: Educational technology infrastructure to enable learningDickson-Deane, C; Sutherland, J; Campbell, C; Porter, D; Logan-Fleming, D; Jones, H