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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-09-01102Assessing the characteristics of health state utilities among people living with multiple sclerosisCampbell, J; Jelinek, G; Weiland, T; Nag, N; Neate, S; Palmer, A; Mulhern, B; De Livera, A; Simpson-Yap, S
2014-09-27Country experience with strengthening of health systems and deployment of midwives in countries with high maternal mortalityVan Lerberghe, W; Matthews, Z; Achadi, E; Ancona, C; Campbell, J; Channon, A; De Bernis, L; De Brouwere, V; Fauveau, V; Fogstad, H; Koblinsky, M; Liljestrand, J; Mechbal, A; Murray, SF; Rathavay, T; Rehr, H; Richard, F; Ten Hoope-Bender, P; Turkmani, S
2015-11-02Fecal microbiota transplantation in gastrointestinal disease: 2015 update and the road aheadBorody, T; Fischer, M; Mitchell, S; Campbell, J
2017-02-15Health workforce metrics pre- and post-2015: A stimulus to public policy and planningPozo-Martin, F; Nove, A; Lopes, SC; Campbell, J; Buchan, J; Dussault, G; Kunjumen, T; Cometto, G; Siyam, A
2013-05-18Maternal health post-2015Campbell, J; De Bernis, L; Downe, S; Fogstad, H; Homer, C; Kennedy, HP; Matthews, Z; Renfrew, M; Ten Hoope-Bender, P
2021-03-02Optimizing the contributions of nursing and midwifery workforces: #Protect, #Invest, #TogetherBuchan, J; Campbell, J; McCarthy, C
2017-04-01Pair programming teams and high-quality knowledge sharing: A comparative study of coopetitive reward structuresGhobadi, S; Campbell, J; Clegg, S
2018-04-01Polydopamine as sizing on carbon fiber surfaces for enhancement of epoxy laminated compositesHan, W; Zhang, HP; Tavakoli, J; Campbell, J; Tang, Y
2021-07-21Preparing future nursing faculty: integrating enhanced teaching and leadership development curricula into PhD education.Han, H-R; D'Aoust, R; Gross, D; Szanton, S; Nolan, M; Campbell, J; Davidson, P
2020-10Shifting paradigms to build resilience among patients and families experiencing multiple chronic conditions.Szanton, SL; Han, H-R; Campbell, J; Reynolds, N; Dennison-Himmelfarb, CR; Perrin, N; Davidson, PM