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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
15-Jun-2016Architectural Framework to Preserve Information of Cardiac Valve ControlCarrion Gordon, L; Sanchez, J
28-Feb-2015Augmented Reality Based Monitoring of the Remote-LabCarrion Gordon, L; Chaczko, Z; Alenazy, W; Tran, A
2015Bio-informatics with Genetic Steganography TechniqueWazirali, R; Chaczko, Z; Carrion Gordon, L; Borowik, G; Chaczko, Z; Jacak, W; Łuba, T
2014Design of Unit Testing using xUnit.netChaczko, Z; Braun, R; Carrion Gordon, L; Dagher, J; Ca
28-Feb-2015Development of an Expert System to assist in Resource ManagementChaczko, Z; Carrion Gordon, L; Alenazy, W; Mu, M
10-Mar-2015Digital Patterns for Heritage and Data Preservation StandardsCarrion Gordon, L; Chaczko, ZC; Borowik, G; Chaczko, Z; Jacak, W; Luba, T
Jan-2014Digital preservation strategy: Planning procedure to preserve Critical Information of HeritageCarrion Gordon, L; Chaczko, Z; Carrion, L
26-Jun-2017Estimation of the Contaminant Risk Level of Petroleum Residues Applying FDA TechniquesCarrion Gordon, L; Flores, M.; Escobar, A.; Horna, L.
1-Jan-2015Haptic Middleware Based Software Architecture for Smart LearningChaczko, ZC; Chan, CY; Carrion Gordon, L; Alenazy, WMG
19-Feb-2017The Metamode of Heritage Preservation for Medical Big DataCarrion Gordon, L; Chaczko ZC
Jan-2014Multilayers DNA - QR Based SteganographyCarrion Gordon, L; Wazirali, R; Chaczko, Z; Wazirali, R
31-Aug-2015Objective Quality Metrics in Correlation with Subjective Quality Metrics for SteganographyWazirali, RA; Slehat, S; Chaczko, Z; Borowik, G; Carrion Gordon, L
15-Jun-2016Preservation Model to Process 'La Bomba Del Chota' as a Living Cultural HeritageCarrion Gordon, L; Lopez, M, LM
19-Sep-2017Stenographic Data Heritage Preservation Using Sharing Images AppCarrion Gordon, L; Chaczko ZC
11-Aug-2016Towards Digital Heritage Preservation Framework for Situation and Context Aware for Information ManagementCarrion Gordon, L; Chaczko, Z