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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jul-2017Assessing mission drift at venture capital impact investorsCetindamar, D; Ozkazanc-Pan, B
1-Aug-2019A bibliometric analysis of technology management research at PICMET for 2009-2018Cetindamar, D; Kocaoglu, D; Lammers, T; Merigo, JM
1-Jan-2018Designed by law: Purpose, accountability, and transparency at benefit corporationsCetindamar, D
4-Oct-2018Establishing entrepreneurship ecosystems based on digital technologies: A policy roadmap approach at the city levelCetindamar, D; Lammers, T; Sick, N
1-Feb-2018The influence of firm-specific and country-specific advantages in the internationalization of emerging market firms: Evidence from TurkeyYaprak, A; Yosun, T; Cetindamar, D
1-Aug-2019A literature review on big data analytics capabilitiesShdifat, B; Cetindamar, D; Erfani, S
4-Jan-2017A new role for universities: Technology transfer for social innovationsCetindamar, D
1-Aug-2019Operationalising ambidexterity: The role of 'better' management practices in high-variety, low-volume manufacturingKatic, M; Cetindamar, D; Agarwal, R; Sick, N
29-Nov-2017Social innovation assessment at the University LevelCetindamar, D; Beyhan, B
14-Feb-2018Technology management tools and techniques: Factors affecting their usage and their impact on performanceCetindamar, D; Wasti, NS; Beyhan, B
16-Mar-2017Using the functional analysis to understand the emergence of biomaterials within an existing biotechnology system: observations from a case study in TurkeyCetindamar, D; Rickne, A