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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021An event-based reactive scheduling approach for the Resource Constrained Project Scheduling Problem with unreliable resourcesChakrabortty, RK; Rahman, HF; Haque, KMA; Paul, SK; Ryan, MJ
2023-09-25An Intelligent Decision Support System for Defence Supply Chain Risk ManagementGuan, L; Chakrabortty, RK; Abbasi, A; Merigó, JM
2022-02Assessing sustainability risks in the supply chain of the textile industry under uncertaintyRaian, S; Ali, SM; Sarker, MR; Sankaranarayanan, B; Kabir, G; Paul, S; Chakrabortty, RK
2018-01-01A Comparative Study of Different Integer Linear Programming Approaches for Resource-Constrained Project Scheduling ProblemsChakrabortty, RK; Sarker, R; Essam, DL; Sarker, R; Abbass, HA; Dunstall, S; Kilby, P; Davis, R; Young, L
2022-06Examining risks and strategies for the spice processing supply chain in the context of an emerging economySilva, USKD; Paul, A; Hasan, KW; Paul, SK; Ali, SM; Chakrabortty, RK
2022-01-10Explainability in supply chain operational risk management: A systematic literature reviewNimmy, SF; Hussain, OK; Chakrabortty, RK; Hussain, FK; Saberi, M
2023-01-01Interpreting the antecedents of a predicted output by capturing the interdependencies among the system features and their evolution over timeNimmy, SF; Hussain, OK; Chakrabortty, RK; Hussain, FK; Saberi, M
2022-09Operational challenges during a pandemic: an investigation in the electronics industryPaul, SK; Chowdhury, P; Chowdhury, MT; Chakrabortty, RK; Moktadir, MA
2017-01-01Resource Constrained Multi-project Scheduling: A Priority Rule Based Evolutionary Local Search ApproachChakrabortty, RK; Sarker, RA; Essam, DL; Leu, G; Singh, HK; Elsayed, S
2017-10-01Resource constrained project scheduling with uncertain activity durationsChakrabortty, RK; Sarker, RA; Essam, DL