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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-12-14A dynamic, ring-forming MucB / RseB-like protein influences spore shape in Bacillus subtilis.Luhur, J; Chan, H; Kachappilly, B; Mohamed, A; Morlot, C; Awad, M; Lyras, D; Taib, N; Gribaldo, S; Rudner, DZ; Rodrigues, CDA
2006-01An Applicable GSM Network Model for Networking in Rural EnvironmentLi, Y; Agbinya, JI; Chan, H
2023-06Application of nanotags and nanobodies for live cell single-molecule imaging of the Z-ring in Escherichia coli.Westlund, E; Bergenstråle, A; Pokhrel, A; Chan, H; Skoglund, U; Daley, DO; Söderström, B
2011-12-01Are watch procedures a critical informational event in the credit ratings process? An empirical investigationChan, H; Faff, R; Hill, P; Scheule, H
2015-01-01Bend and twist intramolecular charge transfer and emission for selective metal ion sensingCanning, J; Ast, S; Hossain, MA; Chan, H; Rutledge, PJ; Jamalipour, A
2018-05-31Cell shape independent FtsZ dynamics in synthetically remodeled cellsSöderström, B; Badrutdinov, A; Chan, H; Skoglund, U
2018-10-18Cell shape-independent FtsZ dynamics in synthetically remodeled bacterial cells.Söderström, B; Badrutdinov, A; Chan, H; Skoglund, U
2021-10-30FtsK and SpoIIIE, coordinators of chromosome segregation and envelope remodeling in bacteria.Chan, H; Mohamed, AMT; Grainge, I; Rodrigues, CDA
2009-01Fund Size, Transaction Costs and Performance: Size Matters!Chan, H; Faff, RW; Gallagher, DR; Looi, A
2022-10-26Genetic Screens Identify Additional Genes Implicated in Envelope Remodeling during the Engulfment Stage of Bacillus subtilis Sporulation.Chan, H; Taib, N; Gilmore, MC; Mohamed, AMT; Hanna, K; Luhur, J; Nguyen, H; Hafiz, E; Cava, F; Gribaldo, S; Rudner, D; Rodrigues, CDA; Storz, G
2006-01Networking in Rural Environments: Benefits, Feasibilities and RequirementsLi, Y; Chan, H; Agbinya, JI
2022-04-26SmdA is a Novel Cell Morphology Determinant in Staphylococcus aureus.Myrbråten, IS; Stamsås, GA; Chan, H; Morales Angeles, D; Knutsen, TM; Salehian, Z; Shapaval, V; Straume, D; Kjos, M; Foster, SJ; Pujol, N
2008-05-01Socioeconomic disadvantage and acute coronary events: A spatiotemporal analysisBeard, JR; Earnest, A; Morgan, G; Chan, H; Summerhayes, R; Dunn, TM; Tomaska, NA; Ryan, L
2018-02Spatial separation of FtsZ and FtsN during cell division.Söderström, B; Chan, H; Shilling, PJ; Skoglund, U; Daley, DO
2020-04Spo0J and SMC are required for normal chromosome segregation in Staphylococcus aureus.Chan, H; Söderström, B; Skoglund, U
2021-11-19Structural insights into ring-building motif domains involved in bacterial sporulation.Liu, B; Chan, H; Bauda, E; Contreras-Martel, C; Bellard, L; Villard, A-M; Mas, C; Neumann, E; Fenel, D; Favier, A; Serrano, M; Henriques, AO; Rodrigues, CDA; Morlot, C
2019-02-11Super-resolution images of peptidoglycan remodelling enzymes at the division site of Escherichia coliSöderström, B; Chan, H; Daley, DO
2021-02-26The Ethanologenic Bacterium Zymomonas mobilis Divides Asymmetrically and Exhibits Heterogeneity in DNA Content.Fuchino, K; Chan, H; Hwang, LC; Bruheim, P