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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2011China at 60: Global-Local Interaction - IntroductionChan, L; Chan, G; Fung, K; Lai-Ha, C; Chan, G; Fung, K
Jan-2012China Engages Global Governance: A new world order in the making?Chan, G; Lee, PK; Chan, L
Jan-2011China Engages Global Health Governance: Responsible Stakeholder or System Transformer?Chan, L
Jan-2009China's "Realpolitik" Engagement with MyanmarLee, PK; Chan, G; Chan, L
Jan-2012China's Engagement with Global Health Democracy: Was SARS a WatershedChan, L; Rosskam, E; Kickbusch, I
Jan-2012China's Vision of Global Governance: A Resurrection of the "Central Kingdom"?Chan, L; Lee, PK; Chan, G; Mingjiang Li
Jan-2012In Quest of Independence: An Unchanging Paradigm of China's Foreign PolicyChan, L; Emilian Kavalski
Jan-2007Non-Traditional Security Threat in China: Challenges of Energy Shortage and Infectious DiseasesLee, PK; Chan, L; cheng, JYS
2017Power, Ideas and Institutions: China’s Emergent Footprints in Global Governance of Development AidChan, L
15-Apr-2015Pricing and hedging of long dated variance swaps under a 3/2 volatility modelChan, L; Platen, E
3-Mar-2016Pricing of long dated equity-linked life insurance contractsChan, L; Platen, E
18-Jun-2015Pricing volatility derivatives under the modified constant elasticity of variance modelChan, L; Platen, E
1-Dec-2010Quasi-Monte carlo methods for derivatives on realised variance of an index under the benchmark approachBaldeaux, J; Chan, L; Platen, E
Jan-2008Rethinking Global Governance: A China Model in the Making?Chan, L; Chan, G; Lee, PK