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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2010Better Perinatal Outcomes Following Transfer Of Fresh Blastocysts And Blastocysts Cultured From Thawed Cleavage Embryos: A Population-based StudyWang, Y; Chapman, M; Costello, M; Sullivan, E
Jan-2001Collaboration in Maternity Care: A randomised controlled trial comparing community-based continuity of care with standard hospital careHomer, CS; Davis, GK; Brodie, PM; Sheehan, A; Barclay, L; Wills, J; Chapman, M
9-Jun-2016The development of a classification system for maternity models of care.Donnolley, N; Butler-Henderson, K; Chapman, M; Sullivan, E
Jan-2009The Economic Impact Of Assisted Reproductive Technology: A Review Of Selected Developed CountriesChambers, G; Sullivan, E; Ishihara, O; Chapman, M; Adamson, G
Jan-2016End-of-life care: Proactive clinical management of older Australians in the community.Reymond, L; Cooper, K; Parker, D; Chapman, M
2016End-of-life care: Proactive clinical managment of older Australians in the communityReymond, L; Cooper, K; Parker, D; Chapman, M
Jan-2010Figural Atmospherics: Affective and Semiotic Ambiguity of the Figure in ArchitecturePerin, GJ; Chapman, M; Ostwald, M
Jan-2014The Impact Of Consumer Affordability On Access To Assisted Reproductive Technologies And Embryo Transfer Practices: An International AnalysisChambers, G; Hoang, V; Sullivan, E; Chapman, M; Ishihara, O; Zegers-hochschild, F; Nygren, K; Adamson, G
May-2013Informed consent in palliative care clinical trials: challenging but possible.Agar, M; Ko, DN; Sheehan, C; Chapman, M; Currow, DC
Jan-2010Is In Vitro Fertilisation More Effective Than Stimulated Intrauterine Insemination As A First-line Therapy For Subfertility? A Cohort AnalysisChambers, G; Sullivan, E; Shanahan, M; Ho, M; Priester, K; Chapman, M
Jan-2010Population-based Study Of Cesarean Section After In Vitro Fertilization In AustraliaSullivan, E; Chapman, M; Wang, Y; Adamson, G
15-Oct-2007The Proceedings of the Fourth International Conference of the Association of Architecture Schools of AustralasiaAhlquist, S; Wilkins, H; Leibowitz, V; Spurr, S; Lahoud, A; Tucker, C; Chapman, M; Barber, D; Keefer Bell, E; Lowe, R; Hill, G; Gu, N; Gardiner, B; Moulis, A; Ednie-Brown, P; Holzer, D; Austin, M; Musgrave, E; Maher, ML; Raisbeck, P; Smith, W; Pickersgill, S; Hogben, P; Ostwald, M; McCarthy, C; Moloney, J; Bharat, D; Orr, K; Loo, S; Smith, C; Stead, N; Goad, P; Lewi, H; Abel, C; Andresen, B; Frichot, H; Perin, G; Tombesi, P; Reinhardt, D; Scriver, P; Pelosi, A; More, G; Burns, K; Shotton, E; Frumar, J; Kaji-O'Grady, S; Taylor, WM; Orr, Kirsten.; Kaji-O'Grady, Sandra.
Jan-2009The St. George Homebirth Program: An evaluation of the first 100 booked womenMcMurtrie, JE; Catling, C; Teate, A; Caplice, SL; Chapman, M; Homer, CS
1-Sep-2016A Study Protocol for the Australasian Oncofertility Registry: Monitoring referral patterns and the uptake, quality and complications of fertility preservation strategies in Australia and New ZealandAnazodo, A; Gerstl, B; Sullivan, E; Ledger, W; Orme, L; Stern, K; Viney, RC; Gillam, L; Jetti, M; Mclachlan, R; Jayasinghe, Y; Cohn, R; Wakefield, C; Dean, R; Agresta, F; Vu, J; Daly, E; Chan, D; Chapman, M; Kemertzis, M; Wand, H; Gilbert, L
Jan-2009Term Breech Singletons And Caesarean Section: A Population Study, Australia 1991-2005Sullivan, E; Moran, K; Chapman, M
Jan-2011Transfers Of Fresh Blastocysts And Blastocysts Cultured From Thawed Cleavage Embryos Are Associated With Fewer MiscarriagesWang, Y; Costello, M; Chapman, M; Black, D; Sullivan, E
16-Mar-2016Utilizing the Experience of Consumers in Consultation to Develop the Australasian Oncofertility Consortium Charter.Anazodo, AC; Gerstl, B; Stern, CJ; McLachlan, RI; Agresta, F; Jayasinghe, Y; Cohn, RJ; Wakefield, CE; Chapman, M; Ledger, W; Sullivan, EA
Jan-2013What Can We Learn From A Decade Of Promoting Safe Embryo Transfer Practices? A Comparative Analysis Of Policies And Outcomes In The Uk And Australia, 2001-2010Chambers, G; Wang, Y; Chapman, M; Hoang, V; Sullivan, E; Abdalla, H; Ledger, W