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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-12-01Bacterial membrane vesicles transport their DNA cargo into host cellsBitto, NJ; Chapman, R; Pidot, S; Costin, A; Lo, C; Choi, J; D'Cruze, T; Reynolds, EC; Dashper, SG; Turnbull, L; Whitchurch, CB; Stinear, TP; Stacey, KJ; Ferrero, RL
2007-01Building a Framework for Implementing Total Responsibility ManagementAngus-Leppan, T; Benn, SH; Chapman, R
2007-01A Defence of Contractors: Outsourcing Capacity to Wage WarPratt, G; Barnwell, NS; Chapman, R
2022-10-25Enabling peristalsis of human colon tumor organoids on microfluidic chips.Fang, G; Lu, H; Al-Nakashli, R; Chapman, R; Zhang, Y; Ju, LA; Lin, G; Stenzel, MH; Jin, D
2007-01Industry dimensions of knowledge management: Insights from an industry studyPerrott, B; Chapman, R
2007Knowledge and innovation in service firms: A conceptual frameworkAniwattanapong, M; Chapman, R
2007-01Landcare and the livelihood of knowledgePerey, R; Dunphy, DC; Edwards, M; Benn, SH; Chapman, R
2007-01A New Approach to the Process of Identifying Lead Users in Open Source Software CommunitiesBreach, G; Jenkins, RJ; Chapman, R
2021-07-01Regulating the uptake of poly(N-(2-hydroxypropyl) methacrylamide)-based micelles in cells cultured on micropatterned surfacesAl-Nakashli, R; Oh, H; Chapman, R; Stenzel, MH; Lu, H
2007-01Study of HRM strategies for empowering call centre staffChan, KM; Chelliah, J; Davis, D; Chapman, R
2007-01A study of SST's in Australian banking from a business perspective - Streams for further researchJohns, R; Perrott, B; Chapman, R
2007-01Supply Chain Performance Indicators for Australian Beef Industry: An Empirical AnalysisJie, F; Parton, K; Jenkins, RJ; Cox, R; Chapman, R
2017Swollen Micelles for the Preparation of Gated, Squeezable, pH-Responsive Drug CarriersQu, J-B; Chapman, R; Chen, F; Lu, H; Stenzel, MH
2008-01Unresolved Tensions: Warlpiri Law, Police Powers and Land RightsAnthony, T; Chapman, R