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2020-01-23Blood pressure monitoring in high-risk pregnancy to improve the detection and monitoring of hypertension (the BUMP 1 and 2 trials): protocol for two linked randomised controlled trials.Dougall, G; Franssen, M; Tucker, KL; Yu, L-M; Hinton, L; Rivero-Arias, O; Abel, L; Allen, J; Band, RJ; Chisholm, A; Crawford, C; Green, M; Greenfield, S; Hodgkinson, J; Leeson, P; McCourt, C; MacKillop, L; Nickless, A; Sandall, J; Santos, M; Tarassenko, L; Velardo, C; Wilson, H; Yardley, L; Chappell, L; McManus, RJ
2023-09-15CRADLE-5: a stepped-wedge type 2 hybrid implementation-effectiveness cluster randomised controlled trial to evaluate the real-world scale-up of the CRADLE Vital Signs Alert intervention into routine maternity care in Sierra Leone-study protocol.Ridout, AE; Moses, FL; Herm-Singh, S; Turienzo, CF; Seed, PT; Goodhart, V; Vousden, N; Sam, B; Momoh, M; Kamara, D; Kuhrt, K; Samura, S; Beoku-Betts, C; Hurrell, A; Bramham, K; Kenneh, S; Smart, F; Chappell, L; Sandall, J; Shennan, A; CRIBS Collaborative Group,
2020-12Exploring the potential for introducing home monitoring of blood pressure during pregnancy into maternity care: current views and experiences of staff-a qualitative study.Hinton, L; Hodgkinson, J; Tucker, KL; Rozmovits, L; Chappell, L; Greenfield, S; McCourt, C; Sandall, J; McManus, RJ
2020-10-23Implementation of national antenatal hypertension guidelines: a multicentre multiple methods study.Whybrow, R; Webster, L; Girling, J; Brown, H; Wilson, H; Sandall, J; Chappell, L
2019-01-01Sex and gender in health research: updating policy to reflect evidenceWainer, Z; Carcel, C; Hickey, M; Schiebinger, L; Schmiede, A; McKenzie, B; Jenkins, C; Webster, J; Woodward, M; Hehir, A; Solomon, B; de Costa, C; Lukaszyk, C; Colville, DJ; Dempsey, E; Wright, GM; Mishra, GD; Fisher, JRW; Kulkarni, J; Mitchell, JA; Hutchison, K; Thompson, K; Jorm, L; Chappell, L; van der Meulen, M; Henry, A; DiGiacomo, M; Huxley, R; Ivers, R; Peters, S; Rogers, WA; Wang, X; Norton, R
2020-01-01The gendered dimensions of informal institutions in the Australian construction industryGalea, N; Powell, A; Loosemore, M; Chappell, L
2021-01-28When Following the Rules Is Bad for Wellbeing: The Effects of Gendered Rules in the Australian Construction IndustryGalea, N; Powell, A; Salignac, F; Chappell, L; Loosemore, M