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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-08-26An Augmented Reality Question Answering System Based on Ensemble Neural NetworksChen, CH; Wu, CL; Lo, CC; Hwang, FJ
2019-03-01A comprehensive analysis of food waste derived liquefaction bio-oil properties for industrial applicationChen, WH; Lin, YY; Liu, HC; Chen, TC; Hung, CH; Chen, CH; Ong, HC
2019-03-20Deep learning techniques for agronomy applicationsChen, CH; Kung, HY; Hwang, FJ
2011-06-01An efficient evolutionary algorithm for fuzzy inference systemsLin, CJ; Chen, CH; Lin, CT
2019-01-01EOG-Based Eye Movement Classification and Application on HCI Baseball GameLin, CT; King, JT; Bharadwaj, P; Chen, CH; Gupta, A; Ding, W; Prasad, M
2014-01-01Gaming controlling via brain-computer interface using multiple physiological signalsChen, SA; Chen, CH; Lin, JW; Ko, LW; Lin, CT
2011-09-27An immune symbiotic evolution learning for compensatory neural fuzzy networks and its applicationsChen, CH; Lin, CJ; Lin, CT
2018-09-01Introduction to the special issue: Applications of internet of thingsChen, CH; Al-Masri, E; Hwang, FJ; Ktoridou, D; Lo, KR
2022-01-01Neuron-Network-Based Mixture Probability Model for Passenger Walking Time Distribution EstimationFang, H; Chen, CH; Chen, D; Hwang, FJ
2012-03-01Nonlinear system control using functional-link-based neuro-fuzzy network model embedded with modified particle swarm optimizerSu, MT; Lin, CT; Hsu, SC; Li, DL; Lin, CJ; Chen, CH
2020-03-01A probability density function generator based on neural networksChen, CH; Song, F; Hwang, FJ; Wu, L
2011-12-01A rule-based symbiotic modified differential evolution for self-organizing neuro-fuzzy systemsSu, MT; Chen, CH; Lin, CJ; Lin, CT
2017-01-01Synthesis of ultrathin composition graded doped Lateral WSe<inf>2</inf>/WS<inf>2</inf> heterostructuresLi, Z; Zheng, J; Zhang, Y; Zheng, C; Woon, WY; Chuang, MC; Tsai, HC; Chen, CH; Davis, A; Xu, ZQ; Lin, J; Zhang, H; Bao, Q
2022-12-20Travel Time Prediction Method Based on Spatial-Feature-based Hierarchical Clustering and Deep Multi-input Gated Recurrent UnitFang, H; Liu, Y; Chen, CH; Hwang, FJ
2019-01-01Travel time prediction system based on data clustering for waste collection vehiclesChen, CH; Hwang, FJ; Kung, HY