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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2014Autocomplete painting repetitionsXing, J; Chen, HT; Wei, LY
20-Oct-2017Demonstrating TrussFab's editor: Designing sturdy large-scale structuresKovacs, R; Wall, L; Seufert, A; Chen, HT; Müller, W; Meinel, F; Kommana, Y; Bläsius, T; Schneider, O; Roumen, T; Baudisch, P
6-May-2017Demonstrating trussFab: Fabricating sturdy large-scale structures on desktop 3D printersKovacs, R; Seufert, A; Wall, LW; Chen, HT; Meinel, F; Müller, W; You, S; Kommana, Y; Baudisch, P
1-Jan-2014History assisted view authoring for 3D modelsChen, HT; Grossman, T; Wei, LY; Schmidt, R; Hartmann, B; Fitzmaurice, G; Agrawala, M
1-Jan-2013Interactive physics-based ink splattering art creationLei, SIE; Chen, YC; Chen, HT; Chang, CF
5-Nov-2015LaserStacker: Fabricating 3D Objects by Laser Cutting and WeldingUmapathi, U; Chen, HT; Mueller, S; Wall, L; Seufert, A; Baudisch, P
18-Apr-2015Low-fidelity fabrication: Speeding up design iteration of 3D objectsMueller, S; Beyer, D; Mohr, T; Gurevich, S; Teibrich, A; Pfisterer, L; Guenther, K; Frohnhofen, J; Chen, HT; Baudisch, P; Im, S; Guimbretière, F
16-Oct-2016Metamaterial mechanismsIon, A; Frohnhofen, J; Wall, L; Kovacs, R; Alistar, M; Lindsay, J; Lopes, P; Chen, HT; Baudisch, P
1-Jul-2011Nonlinear Revision Control for ImagesChen, HT; Wei, LY; Chang, CF
18-Apr-2015Platener: Low-fidelity fabrication of 3D objects by substituting 3D print with laser-cut platesBeyer, D; Gurevich, S; Mueller, S; Chen, HT; Baudisch, P
5-Nov-2015Protopiper: Physically sketching room-sized objects at actual scaleAgrawal, H; Umapathi, U; Kovacs, R; Johannes, F; Chen, HT; Mueller, S; Baudisch, P
2-May-2017TrussFab: Fabricating sturdy large-scale structureson desktop 3D printersKovacs, R; Seufert, A; Wall, L; Chen, HT; Meinel, F; Müller, W; You, S; Brehm, M; Striebel, J; Kommana, Y; Popiak, A; Bläsius, T; Baudisch, P
4-May-2018Visual Appearance Modulates Prediction Error in Virtual RealitySingh, AK; Chen, HT; Cheng, YF; King, JT; Ko, LW; Gramann, K; Lin, CT