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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011-09-013D human posture segmentation by spectral clustering with surface normal constraintCheng, J; Qiao, M; Bian, W; Tao, D
2015-09-01A broadband proximity-coupled dual-polarized microstrip antenna with L-shape backed cavity for X-band applicationsLiu, Y; Chen, S; Ren, Y; Cheng, J; Liu, QH
2023-12-01A novel depth measurement method for urban flooding based on surveillance video images and a floating rulerLiu, S; Zheng, W; Wang, X; Xiong, H; Cheng, J; Yong, C; Zhang, W; Zou, X
2023-08-15Adaptive memory-based event-triggering resilient LFC for power system under DoS attackLiu, X; Shi, K; Cheng, J; Wen, S; Liu, Y
2015-09An integral equation method for calculating sound field diffracted by a rigid barrier on an impedance ground.Zhao, S; Qiu, X; Cheng, J
2022-03-10Asynchronous Fault Detection for Memristive Neural Networks With Dwell-Time-Based Communication Protocol.Lin, A; Cheng, J; Rutkowski, L; Wen, S; Luo, M; Cao, J
2022-11-20Bacterial dynamics for gaseous emission and humification during bio-augmented composting of kitchen waste with lime addition for acidity regulation.Qi, C; Yin, R; Cheng, J; Xu, Z; Chen, J; Gao, X; Li, G; Nghiem, L; Luo, W
2009-11-20Biased isomap projections for interactive rerankingBian, W; Cheng, J; Tao, D
2014-01-20Biview learning for human posture segmentation from 3D points cloudQiao, M; Cheng, J; Bian, W; Tao, D
2017-09-26Classifying MCI subtypes in community-dwelling elderly using cross-sectional and longitudinal MRI-based biomarkersGuan, H; Liu, T; Jiang, J; Tao, D; Zhang, J; Niu, H; Zhu, W; Wang, Y; Cheng, J; Kochan, NA; Brodaty, H; Sachdev, P; Wen, W
2012-12-01Clustering-based discriminative locality alignment for face gender recognitionChen, D; Cheng, J; Tao, D
2023-05-01Collective-based ad transparency in targeted hotel advertising: Consumers’ regulatory focus underlying the crowd safety effectCheng, J; Chen, B; Huang, Z
2012-08-07Color biological features-based solder paste defects detection and classification on printed circuit boardsJiang, J; Cheng, J; Tao, D
2017Compressed fusion of GNSS and inertial navigation with simultaneous localization and mappingKim, J; Cheng, J; Guivant, J; Nieto, J
2014-01-01Delivering sound energy along an arbitrary convex trajectoryZhao, S; Hu, Y; Lu, J; Qiu, X; Cheng, J; Burnett, I
2014-08-01Developing Mathematicians for Industry Research TeamsCameron, MA; Wakayama, M; Anderssen, RS; Cheng, J; Fukumoto, Y; McKibbin, R; Polthier, K; Takagi, T; Toh, K
2017-04-01DISCS: A Distributed Coordinate System Based on Robust Nonnegative Matrix CompletionCheng, J; Liu, Y; Ye, Q; Du, H; Vasilakos, AV
2019-04-15Distribution margins as natural laboratories to infer species’ flowering responses to climate warming and implications for frost riskGuo, L; Wang, J; Li, M; Liu, L; Xu, J; Cheng, J; Gang, C; Yu, Q; Chen, J; Peng, C; Luedeling, E
2016Dual quaternion-based graphical SLAMCheng, J; Kim, J; Jiang, Z; Che, W
2020-06-30ECG classification using deep CNN improved by wavelet transformZhao, Y; Cheng, J; Zhang, P; Peng, X