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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-03-01A single-Pt-atom-on-Ru-nanoparticle electrocatalyst for CO-resilient methanol oxidationPoerwoprajitno, AR; Gloag, L; Watt, J; Cheong, S; Tan, X; Lei, H; Tahini, HA; Henson, A; Subhash, B; Bedford, NM; Miller, BK; O’Mara, PB; Benedetti, TM; Huber, DL; Zhang, W; Smith, SC; Gooding, JJ; Schuhmann, W; Tilley, RD
2023-10-24Controlling Platinum Active Sites on Silver Nanoparticles for Hydrogen Evolution ReactionMariandry, K; Kokate, R; Somerville, SV; Gloag, L; Cheong, S; Carroll, LR; Kumar, PV; Gooding, JJ; Tilley, RD
2022-06-29Introducing Stacking Faults into Three-Dimensional Branched Nickel Nanoparticles for Improved Catalytic Activity.Ramadhan, ZR; Poerwoprajitno, AR; Cheong, S; Webster, RF; Kumar, PV; Cychy, S; Gloag, L; Benedetti, TM; Marjo, CE; Muhler, M; Wang, D-W; Gooding, JJ; Schuhmann, W; Tilley, RD
2021-12-21Metrology of convex-shaped nanoparticles: Via soft classification machine learning of TEM imagesWen, H; Xu, X; Cheong, S; Lo, SC; Chen, JH; Chang, SLY; Dwyer, C
2023-05Oxygen-vacancy-rich molybdenum carbide MXene nanonetworks for ultrasound-triggered and capturing-enhanced sonocatalytic bacteria eradication.Zong, L; Yu, Y; Wang, J; Liu, P; Feng, W; Dai, X; Chen, L; Gunawan, C; Jimmy Yun, SL; Amal, R; Cheong, S; Gu, Z; Chen, Y
2018-11-27Quantifying inorganic nitrogen assimilation by synechococcus using bulk and single-cell mass spectrometry: A comparative studyGiardina, M; Cheong, S; Marjo, CE; Clode, PL; Guagliardo, P; Pickford, R; Pernice, M; Seymour, JR; Raina, JB
2017-04-04Subcellular tracking reveals the location of dimethylsulfoniopropionate in microalgae and visualises its uptake by marine bacteriaRaina, JB; Clode, PL; Cheong, S; Bougoure, J; Kilburn, MR; Reeder, A; Forêt, S; Stat, M; Beltran, V; Thomas-Hall, P; Tapiolas, D; Motti, CM; Gong, B; Pernice, M; Marjo, CE; Seymour, JR; Willis, BL; Bourne, DG
2023-01-13Synthesis of hierarchical metal nanostructures with high electrocatalytic surface areas.Gloag, L; Poerwoprajitno, AR; Cheong, S; Ramadhan, ZR; Adschiri, T; Gooding, JJ; Tilley, RD
2022-06-21Synthetic Strategies to Enhance the Electrocatalytic Properties of Branched Metal Nanoparticles.Poerwoprajitno, AR; Cheong, S; Gloag, L; Gooding, JJ; Tilley, RD
2023-12-13Tuning the Pt-Ru Atomic Neighbors for Active and Stable Methanol Oxidation ElectrocatalysisPoerwoprajitno, AR; Li, Q; Cheong, S; Gloag, L; Yang, Y; Subhash, B; Bedford, NM; Watt, J; Huber, DL; Gooding, JJ; Schuhmann, W; Tilley, RD