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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-01-01A flexible method to defend against computationally resourceful miners in blockchain proof of workRen, W; Hu, J; Zhu, T; Ren, Y; Choo, KKR
2020-09-01A Hierarchical Encryption and Key Management Scheme for Layered Access Control on H.264/SVC Bitstream in the Internet of ThingsXu, C; Ren, W; Yu, L; Zhu, T; Choo, KKR
2017-01-15A Markov adversary model to detect vulnerable iOS devices and vulnerabilities in iOS appsD'Orazio, CJ; Lu, R; Choo, KKR; Vasilakos, AV
2018-08-15BSeIn: A blockchain-based secure mutual authentication with fine-grained access control system for industry 4.0Lin, C; He, D; Huang, X; Choo, KKR; Vasilakos, AV
2016-10-01Building knowledge base of urban emergency events based on crowdsourcing of social mediaXu, Z; Zhang, H; Hu, C; Mei, L; Xuan, J; Choo, KKR; Sugumaran, V; Zhu, Y
2017-10-01Building spatial temporal relation graph of concepts pair using web repositoryXu, Z; Xuan, J; Liu, Y; Choo, KKR; Mei, L; Hu, C
2020-04-01Energy Management for Cyber-Physical Cloud SystemsKumar, N; Vasilakos, AV; Choo, KKR; Yang, LT
2018-01-01Graph-Based Symmetric Crypto-System for Data ConfidentialityMishra, AK; Obaidat, MS; Puthal, D; Tripathy, AK; Choo, KKR
2020-01-01IEEE Access Special Section Editorial: Security and Trusted Computing for Industrial Internet of Things: Research Challenges and OpportunitiesLi, S; Choo, KKR; Tan, Z; He, X; Hu, J; Qin, T
2018-09-14Lico: A Lightweight Access Control Model for Inter-Networking LinkagesLi, S; Ren, W; Zhu, T; Choo, KKR
2020-04-01Lightweight Privacy-Preserving Training and Evaluation for Discretized Neural NetworksChen, J; Zhou, J; Cao, Z; Vasilakos, AV; Dong, X; Choo, KKR
2018-07-05Performance and Security Evaluations of Identity-and Pairing-Based Digital Signature Algorithms on Windows, Android, and Linux Platforms: Revisiting the Algorithms of Cha and Cheon, Hess, Barreto, Libert, Mccullagh and Quisquater, and Paterson and SchuldtZhong, S; Ren, W; Zhu, T; Ren, Y; Choo, KKR
2022-11-01Privacy, accuracy, and model fairness trade-offs in federated learningGu, X; Tianqing, Z; Li, J; Zhang, T; Ren, W; Choo, KKR
2022-02-01Revocable Identity-Based Access Control for Big Data with Verifiable Outsourced ComputingXiong, H; Choo, KKR; Vasilakos, AV
2020Secure search for encrypted personal health records from big data NoSQL databases in cloudChen, L; Zhang, N; Sun, HM; Chang, CC; Yu, S; Choo, KKR
2022-09-01Social Media Event Prediction using DNN with Feedback MechanismMa, W; Hu, X; Chen, C; Wen, S; Choo, KKR; Xiang, Y
2018-06-01Towards Bayesian-Based Trust Management for Insider Attacks in Healthcare Software-Defined NetworksMeng, W; Choo, KKR; Furnell, S; Vasilakos, AV; Probst, CW
2018-01-01User relationship classification of facebook messenger mobile data using WEKAUmair, A; Nanda, P; He, X; Choo, KKR