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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005-01Access and usability issues of scholarly electronic publicationsChowdhury, GG; Gorman, GE
2012-01An agenda for green information retrieval researchChowdhury, GG
2012-01Building Environmentally Sustainable Information Services: A Green IS Research AgendaChowdhury, GG
2010-01Carbon Footprint Of The Knowledge Sector: What'S The Future?Chowdhury, GG
2004Design and evaluation of a task-based digital library for the academic communityMeyyappan, N; Foo, S; Chowdhury, GG
2012-01Digital libraries and information access: introductionChowdhury, GG; Foo, S; Chowdhury, GG; Foo, S
2012-01Digital libraries and information access: research trendsChowdhury, GG; Foo, S; Chowdhury, GG; Foo, S
2012-01Digital libraries and open accessChowdhury, GG; Foo, S; Chowdhury, GG; Foo, S
2002Digital libraries and reference services: present and futureChowdhury, GG
2003-01Digital reference services: a snapshot of the current practices in Scottish librariesGardiner, D; McMenemy, D; Chowdhury, GG
2006-01e-Learning Support for LIS Education in UKChowdhury, GG; Chowdhury, S; McAllister, G
2010-01From digital libraries to digital preservation research: the importance of users and contextChowdhury, GG
2012-01How digital information services can reduce greenhouse gas emissionsChowdhury, GG
2012-01Information accessChowdhury, GG; Foo, S; Chowdhury, GG; Foo, S
2011-01Information users and usability in the digital ageChowdhury, GG; Chowdhury, S
2012-01Intellectual property and digital librariesFraser, MH; Chowdhury, GG; Foo, S
2004-01Introduction to Modern Information RetrievalChowdhury, GG
2006-01Large-Scale Impact of Digital Library Services: Findings from a Major Evaluation of SCRANChowdhury, GG; McMenemy, D; Poulter, A; Gonzalo, J; Thanos, C; Verdejo, MF; Carrasco, R
2003Natural language processingChowdhury, GG
2006-01Public Library 2.0: Towards a New Mission for Public Libraries as a 'Network of Community KnowledgeChowdhury, GG; Poulter, A; McMenemy, D