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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-04-05Assessing mutual accountability to strengthen national WASH systems and achieve the SDG targets for water and sanitationDickin, S; Syed, A; Qowamuna, N; Njoroge, G; Liera, C; Al'Afghani, MM; Chowdhury, S; Sanchez, Z; Salad, AM; Winterford, K; Uijtewaal, E; Roaf, V; Butterworth, J; Willetts, J
2006-01e-Learning Support for LIS Education in UKChowdhury, GG; Chowdhury, S; McAllister, G
2021-05-26Green approaches in synthesising nanomaterials for environmental nanobioremediation: Technological advancements, applications, benefits and challenges.Ahmed, SF; Mofijur, M; Rafa, N; Chowdhury, AT; Chowdhury, S; Nahrin, M; Islam, ABMS; Ong, HC
2019-01-01Identification of novel natural substrates of fibroblast activation protein-alpha by differential degradomics and proteomicsZhang, HE; Hamson, EJ; Koczorowska, MM; Tholen, S; Chowdhury, S; Bailey, CG; Lay, AJ; Twigg, SM; Lee, Q; Roediger, B; Biniossek, ML; O'Rourke, MB; McCaughan, GW; Keane, FM; Schilling, O; Gorrell, MD
2011-01Information users and usability in the digital ageChowdhury, GG; Chowdhury, S
2006-01News Aggregator Services: user expectations and experienceChowdhury, S; Landoni, M
2009-01Relationship among activities and problems causing uncertainty in information seeking and retrievalChowdhury, S; Gibb, F
2011-03-01Uncertainty in information seeking and retrieval: A study in an academic environmentChowdhury, S; Gibb, F; Landoni, M
2006-01Usability and impact of digital libraries: a reviewChowdhury, S; Landoni, M; Gibb, F
2010-08-16A user-centric evaluation of the Europeana digital libraryDobreva, M; Chowdhury, S