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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-01-01Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Secondary Students’ Experiences of RacismBodkin-Andrews, G; Clark, T; Foster, S; Ratuva, S
2019-01-01Asserting an Indigenous theoretical framework in Australian public relationsClark, T; Guivarra, N; Dodson, S; Widders Hunt, Y
2014-01-01Foundation for multi-level modellingClark, T; Gonzalez-Perez, C; Henderson-Sellers, B
2022-03-01“I want to create change; I want to create impact”: Personal-activism narratives of Indigenous Australian women working in public relationsClark, T; Dodson, S; Guivarra, N; Widders Hunt, Y
2022-09-30Investigating women as public relations leaders in Australia, Indonesia, and MalaysiaFitch, K; Clark, T; Kaur, K; Souket, R; Simorangkir, D; Topić, M
2016The Limits of Reconciliation in Criminal SentencingAnthony, T; Maddison, S; Clark, T; Costa, RD
2013-07-12On the search for a level-agnostic modelling languageHenderson-Sellers, B; Clark, T; Gonzalez-Perez, C
2022-01-01Opening spaces for researching feminism and public relations: Perspectives from Australia, Indonesia and MalaysiaFitch, K; Clark, T; Kaur, K; Simorangkir, DN; Souket, R
2019-01-01Power imbalance in media representation: An Aboriginal Australian public relations experienceSakinofsky, P; Janks, A; Clark, T; Hawtrey, K
2013-05-20UND: Unite-and-divide method in fourier and radon domains for line segment detectionShi, D; Gao, J; Rahmdel, PS; Antolovich, M; Clark, T
2021-05-01“We’re not treated equally as Indigenous people or as women”: The perspectives and experiences of Indigenous women in Australian public relationsClark, T; Dodson, S; Guivarra, N; Widders Hunt, Y