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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-08A longitudinal investigation of the predictors of older drivers' speeding behaviour.Chevalier, A; Coxon, K; Rogers, K; Chevalier, AJ; Wall, J; Brown, J; Clarke, E; Ivers, R; Keay, L
2009-06-26Born digital? Pedagogy and computer-assisted learningClarke, T; Clarke, E
2011-09-01Collaborative teaching and learning: Overcoming the digital divide?Chelliah, J; Clarke, E
2019-04-29Engaging creatively with tension in collaborative researchClarke, E; Freeth, R; Fam, D
2009-01Integrating blended teaching and learning to enhance graduate attributesHermens, A; Clarke, E
2020-01-01Interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary research and practice: Balancing expectations of the ‘old’ academy with the future model of universities as ‘problem solvers’Fam, D; Clarke, E; Freeth, R; Derwort, P; Klaniecki, K; Kater-Wettstädt, L; Juarez-Bourke, S; Hilser, S; Peukert, D; Meyer, E; Horcea-Milcu, AI
2009-01Learning outcomes from business simulation exercises: Challenges for the implementation of learning technologiesClarke, E
2016-12Naturalistic rapid deceleration data: Drivers aged 75 years and older.Chevalier, A; Chevalier, AJ; Clarke, E; Coxon, K; Brown, J; Rogers, K; Boufous, S; Ivers, R; Keay, L
2017-02-17Predictors of older drivers' involvement in high-range speeding behavior.Chevalier, A; Coxon, K; Rogers, K; Chevalier, AJ; Wall, J; Brown, J; Clarke, E; Ivers, R; Keay, L
2017-01Predictors of older drivers' involvement in rapid deceleration events.Chevalier, A; Coxon, K; Chevalier, AJ; Clarke, E; Rogers, K; Brown, J; Boufous, S; Ivers, R; Keay, L
2017-03Seat belt repositioning and use of vehicle seat cushions is increased among older drivers aged 75 years and older with morbidities.Brown, J; Coxon, K; Fong, C; Clarke, E; Rogers, K; Keay, L
2018-02-01Sex differences evident in self-reported but not objective measures of drivingKeay, L; Coxon, K; Chevalier, A; Brown, J; Rogers, K; Clarke, E; Ivers, RQ
2012-01-01Strengthening the nursing and midwifery unit manager role: An interim programme evaluationClarke, E; Diers, D; Kunisch, J; Duffield, C; Thoms, D; Hawes, S; Stasa, H; Fry, M