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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-08-20Implantable device monitoring versus usual care for managing individuals with heart failureKoo, K; Ferguson, C; Ling, LH; Cleland, JGF; Inglis, SC
2013-12-17Not all systematic reviews are systematic: A meta-review of the quality of systematic reviews for non-invasive remote monitoring in heart failureConway, A; Inglis, SC; Chang, AM; Horton-Breshears, M; Cleland, JGF; Clark, RA
2019-12-01Oral modified release morphine for breathlessness in chronic heart failure: a randomized placebo-controlled trialJohnson, MJ; Cockayne, S; Currow, DC; Bell, K; Hicks, K; Fairhurst, C; Gabe, R; Torgerson, D; Jefferson, L; Oxberry, S; Ghosh, J; Hogg, KJ; Murphy, J; Allgar, V; Cleland, JGF; Clark, AL
2017-02-15Structured telephone support or non-invasive telemonitoring for patients with heart failureInglis, SC; Clark, RA; Dierckx, R; Prieto-Merino, D; Cleland, JGF
2008-11-05Structured telephone support or telemonitoring programs for patients with chronic heart failureInglis, SC; Clark, RA; Cleland, JGF; McAlister, F; Stewart, S
2017-03-01Telemedicine in heart failure: new insights from the Cochrane meta-analysesDierckx, R; Inglis, SC; Clark, RA; Prieto-Merino, D; Cleland, JGF
2011-09-01Which components of heart failure programmes are effective? A systematic review and meta-analysis of the outcomes of structured telephone support or telemonitoring as the primary component of chronic heart failure management in 8323 patients: Abridged Cochrane ReviewInglis, SC; Clark, RA; McAlister, FA; Stewart, S; Cleland, JGF