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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Common knowledge between mothers and children in problematic transitions: How professionals make children’s motives available as a resourceHopwood, N; Clerke, T
2010-01Desire and tactics: women and Design educationClerke, T; Forsyth, G
2014-01Doing Ethnography in Teams: A Case Study of Asymmetries in Collaborative ResearchClerke, T; Hopwood, N
2009-01Endangered Practices: Writing Feminist ResearchBower, K; Clerke, T; Lee, A; Higgs, J; Horsfall, D; Grace, S
2019-01-01Engineering work integrated learning placements: the influence of capitals on students’ accessPaull, M; Lloyd, N; Male, SA; Clerke, T
2009-01Exhibition ReviewClerke, T
2009-01Gender and discipline: design publication practicesClerke, T; Melles, G
2010-01Gender and discipline: publication practices in designClerke, T
2009-01Ghostwriting + Shadowwriting: constructing research texts that speak to women's lived experienceClerke, T
2008-01Mainstreaming the doctoral research portfolio?Clerke, T; Lee, A; Kiley, M; Mullens, G
2012-01Partnership and pedagogy in child and family health practice: a resource for professionals, educators and studentsHopwood, N; Clerke, T
2018-04-01A pedagogical framework for facilitating parents’ learning in nurse–parent partnershipHopwood, N; Clerke, T; Nguyen, A
2023-09-12Piloting a shared decision-making clinician training intervention in maternity care in Australia: A mixed methods study.Clerke, T; Margetts, J; Donovan, H; Shepherd, HL; Makris, A; Canty, A; Ruhotas, A; Catling, C; Henry, A
2021-11-09Probes as creative, co-inquiry methods: Insights from an historical studyGolja, T; Clerke, T
2016-10-01Professional pedagogies of parenting that build resilience through partnership with families at-risk: a cultural-historical approachHopwood, N; Clerke, T
2007-01Re-assessing assessment practices in design to support students' long-term learningClerke, T; Academy, ED
2007-01The doctoral research portfolio: evidencing quality, output and capability in practice-oriented researchClerke, T; Lee, A
2021-01-01Towards praxis: A practice architecture analysis of the work-integrated learning placement experiences of three Australian engineering studentsClerke, T; Lloyd, N; Paull, M; Male, S
2020Training Interventions to Equip Health Care Professionals With Shared Decision-Making Skills: A Systematic Scoping Review.Coates, D; Clerke, T