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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Benefits of Writing for Passion, not for PromotionCohen, A; Ballouli, K
1-Feb-2013Building social capital: Examining the impact of Street Soccer USA on its volunteersWelty Peachey, J; Cohen, A; Borland, J; Lyras, A
15-Nov-2016Challenges and strategies of building and sustaining inter-organizational partnerships in sport for development and peaceWelty Peachey, J; Cohen, A; Shin, N; Fusaro, B
13-Jun-2017Challenges and strategies of building and sustaining inter-organizational partnerships in sport for development and peaceWelty Peachey, J; Cohen, A; Shin, N; Fusaro, B
11-May-2018Differential plasma microvesicle and brain profiles of microRNA in experimental cerebral malariaCohen, A; Zinger, A; Tiberti, N; Grau, GER; Combes, V
1-Jan-2015Examining social capital development among volunteers of a multinational sport-for-development eventPeachey, JW; Bruening, J; Lyras, A; Cohen, A; Cunningham, GB
5-Dec-2016Exploring experimental cerebral malaria pathogenesis through the characterisation of host-derived plasma microparticle protein contentTiberti, N; Latham, SL; Bush, S; Cohen, A; Opoka, RO; John, CC; Juillard, A; Grau, GE; Combes, V
1-Jan-2014Exploring participant motivations to take part in an elite, multinational, sport-for-development eventPeachey, JW; Cunningham, G; Lyras, A; Cohen, A; Bruening, J
2-Oct-2014Exploring the motivations and outcomes of long-term international sport-for-development volunteering for American MillennialsSmith, NL; Cohen, A; Pickett, AC
1-Jan-2014Exploring the Motives and Retention Factors of Sport-For-Development VolunteersWelty Peachey, J; Lyras, A; Cohen, A; Bruening, JE; Cunningham, GB
1-Jan-2015The influence of a sport-for-peace event on prejudice and change agent self-efficacyPeachey, JW; Lyras, A; Cunningham, GB; Cohen, A; Bruening, J
23-Jan-2017Interrogating the motivations of sport for development and peace practitionersWelty Peachey, J; Musser, A; Shin, NR; Cohen, A
1-Dec-2012The intersection of pop culture and non-traditional sports: An examination of the niche market of quidditchCohen, A; Brown, B; Peachey, JW
1-Jan-2014Investigating a coed sport's ability to encourage inclusion and equalityCohen, A; Melton, EN; Peachey, JW
1-Jan-2015The making of a social entrepreneur: From participant to cause champion within a sport-for-development contextCohen, A; Peachey, JW
1-Jan-2015Managing impact: Leveraging sacred spaces and community celebration to maximize social capital at a sport-for-development eventWelty Peachey, J; Borland, J; Lobpries, J; Cohen, A
Mar-2015MicroRNAs and Malaria - A Dynamic Interaction Still Incompletely Understood.Cohen, A; Combes, V; Grau, GE
1-Jan-2015Quidditch: Impacting and Benefiting Participants in a Non-Fictional MannerCohen, A; Peachey, JW
2015Reflections from scholars on barriers and strategies in sport-for-development researchWelty Peachey, J; Cohen, A
1-Jan-2016Research partnerships in sport for development and peace: Challenges, barriers, and strategiesPeachey, JW; Cohen, A