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2008-01-01Identification of membrane-associated proteins from Campylobacter jejuni strains using complementary proteomics technologiesCordwell, SJ; Len, ACL; Touma, RG; Scott, NE; Falconer, L; Jones, D; Connolly, A; Crossett, B; Djordjevic, SP
2009-02-01Mhp493 (P216) is a proteolytically processed, cilium and heparin binding protein of Mycoplasma hyopneumoniadeWilton, J; Jenkins, C; Cordwell, SJ; Falconer, L; Minion, FC; Oneal, DC; Djordjevic, MA; Connolly, A; Barchia, I; Walker, MJ; Djordjevic, SP
2016-12-01Physical Symptoms at the Time of Dying Was Diagnosed: A Consecutive Cohort Study to Describe the Prevalence and Intensity of Problems Experienced by Imminently Dying Palliative Care Patients by Diagnosis and Place of CareClark, K; Connolly, A; Clapham, S; Quinsey, K; Eagar, K; Currow, DC
2023Population-level, patient-reported outcomes: a case study regarding a public health intervention that involves patients with life-limiting illnesses.Daveson, B; Blanchard, M; Clapham, S; Draper, K; Connolly, A; Currow, D
2021-03-17Sleeping-related distress in a palliative care population: A national, prospective, consecutive cohort.Currow, DC; Davis, W; Connolly, A; Krishnan, A; Wong, A; Webster, A; Barnes-Harris, MM; Daveson, B; Ekström, M
2019-06-01The trajectory of functional decline over the last 4 months of life in a palliative care population: A prospective, consecutive cohort studyMorgan, DD; Tieman, JJ; Allingham, SF; Ekström, MP; Connolly, A; Currow, DC