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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-12-01Built environment interventions for human and planetary health: Integrating health in climate change adaptation and mitigationPrior, JH; Connon, ILC; McIntyre, E; Adams, J; Capon, A; Kent, J; Rissel, C; Thomas, LE; Thompson, SM; Westcott, H
2019-04-07Conceptualising health for understanding healthy higher density living: A systematic narrative literature reviewConnon, ILC; Prior, J; Kent, JL; Thomas, L; McIntyre, E; Adams, J; Capon, A; Rissel, C; Thompson, SM
2017-08-01Extreme weather, complex spaces and diverse rural places: An intra-community scale analysis of responses to storm events in rural Scotland, UKConnon, ILC
2018-10-31Healthy Higher Density Living: A Review of the LiteratureConnon, ILC; Prior, JH; Kent, JL; Thomas, L; Thompson, SM; McIntyre, E; Adams, J; Capon, A; Rissel, C; Westcott, H
2019-10-20How does living with a disability affect resident worry about environmental contamination? A study of a long-term pervasive hazardConnon, ILC; Prior, JH; McIntyre, E; Adams, J; Madden, B
-Planning for health in higher density living: learning from the experience of Green Square, New South WalesPaine, G; Goh, L; Thompson, S; Connon, ILC; Prior, JH; Thomas, L
2018-12-01Sociodemographic predictors of residents worry about contaminated sitesMcIntyre, E; Prior, J; Connon, ILC; Adams, J; Madden, B
2018-01-01Transcending the triad: Political distrust, local cultural norms and reconceptualising the drivers of domestic energy poverty in the UKConnon, ILC
2020-12-01Transforming knowledge systems for life on Earth: Visions of future systems and how to get thereFazey, I; Schäpke, N; Caniglia, G; Hodgson, A; Kendrick, I; Lyon, C; Page, G; Patterson, J; Riedy, C; Strasser, T; Verveen, S; Adams, D; Goldstein, B; Klaes, M; Leicester, G; Linyard, A; McCurdy, A; Ryan, P; Sharpe, B; Silvestri, G; Abdurrahim, AY; Abson, D; Adetunji, OS; Aldunce, P; Alvarez-Pereira, C; Amparo, JM; Amundsen, H; Anderson, L; Andersson, L; Asquith, M; Augenstein, K; Barrie, J; Bent, D; Bentz, J; Bergsten, A; Berzonsky, C; Bina, O; Blackstock, K; Boehnert, J; Bradbury, H; Brand, C; Böhme (born Sangmeister), J; Bøjer, MM; Carmen, E; Charli-Joseph, L; Choudhury, S; Chunhachoti-ananta, S; Cockburn, J; Colvin, J; Connon, ILC; Cornforth, R; Cox, RS; Cradock-Henry, N; Cramer, L; Cremaschi, A; Dannevig, H; Day, CT; de Lima Hutchison, C; de Vrieze, A; Desai, V; Dolley, J; Duckett, D; Durrant, RA; Egermann, M; Elsner (Adams), E; Fremantle, C; Fullwood-Thomas, J; Galafassi, D; Gobby, J; Golland, A; González-Padrón, SK; Gram-Hanssen, I; Grandin, J; Grenni, S; Lauren Gunnell, J; Gusmao, F; Hamann, M; Harding, B; Harper, G; Hesselgren, M; Hestad, D; Heykoop, CA; Holmén, J; Holstead, K; Hoolohan, C; Horcea-Milcu, AI; Horlings, LG; Howden, SM; Howell, RA; Huque, SI; Inturias Canedo, ML; Iro, CY; Ives, CD; John, B; Joshi, R; Juarez-Bourke, S; Juma, DW; Karlsen, BC; Kliem, L; Kläy, A