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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-08-01A conserved GXXXG motif in the transmembrane domain of CLIC proteins is essential for their cholesterol-dependant membrane interactionHossain, KR; Turkewitz, DR; Holt, SA; Herson, L; Brown, LJ; Cornell, BA; Curmi, PMG; Valenzuela, SM
2016-11-01High order accurate dual-phase-lag numerical model for microscopic heating in multiple domainsYeoh, GH; Gu, X; Timchenko, V; Valenzuela, SM; Cornell, BA
2016-12-08Investigating sterol and redox regulation of the ion channel activity of CLIC1 using tethered bilayer membranesAl Khamici, H; Hossain, KR; Cornell, BA; Valenzuela, SM
2022Langmuir-Schaefer Deposition to Create an Asymmetrical Lipopolysaccharide Sparsely Tethered Lipid Bilayer.Cranfield, CG; Le Brun, AP; Garcia, A; Cornell, BA; Holt, SA
2015-01-12Members of the chloride intracellular ion channel protein family demonstrate glutaredoxin-like enzymatic activityKhamici, HA; Brown, LJ; Hossain, KR; Hudson, AL; Sinclair-Burton, AA; Ng, JPM; Daniel, EL; Hare, JE; Cornell, BA; Curmi, PMG; Davey, MW; Valenzuela, SM
2009-01-23Novel engineered ion channel provides controllable ion permeability for polyelectrolyte microcapsules coated with a lipid membraneBattle, AR; Valenzuela, SM; Mechler, A; Nichols, RJ; Praporski, S; Di Maio, IL; Islam, H; Girard-Egrot, AP; Cornell, BA; Prashar, J; Caruso, F; Martin, LL; Martin, DK
2022Preparing Ion Channel Switch Membrane-Based Biosensors.Alghalayini, A; Cranfield, CG; Cornell, BA; Valenzuela, SM
2020-09Real-time monitoring of heat transfer between gold nanoparticles and tethered bilayer lipid membranes.Alghalayini, A; Jiang, L; Gu, X; Yeoh, GH; Cranfield, CG; Timchenko, V; Cornell, BA; Valenzuela, SM
2013-02-14Regulation of the Membrane Insertion and Conductance Activity of the Metamorphic Chloride Intracellular Channel Protein CLIC1 by CholesterolValenzuela, SM; Alkhamici, H; Brown, LJ; Almond, OC; Goodchild, SC; Carne, S; Curmi, PMG; Holt, SA; Cornell, BA
2003-03-18Tethered bilayer membranes containing ionic reservoirs: Selectivity and conductanceKrishna, G; Schulte, J; Cornell, BA; Pace, RJ; Osman, PD
2001-08-07Tethered bilayer membranes containing ionic reservoirs: The interfacial capacitanceKrishna, G; Schulte, J; Cornell, BA; Pace, R; Wieczorekt, L; Osman, PD
2014-01-07Transient potential gradients and impedance measures of tethered bilayer lipid membranes: Pore-forming peptide insertion and the effect of electroporationCranfield, CG; Cornell, BA; Grage, SL; Duckworth, P; Carne, S; Ulrich, AS; Martinac, B