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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-06-24Announcing the call for the Special Issue on "The Australian Society for Biophysics (ASB) - 2021 Meeting".Cranfield, C; Whelan, D; Cox, C; Shearwin, K; Ho, J; Allen, T; Shibuya, R; Hibino, E; Hayashi, K; Dos Remedios, C; Li, A
-Aryl urea substituted fatty acids: a new class of protonophoric mitochondrial uncoupler that utilises a synthetic anion transporterRawling, T; MacDermott-Opeskin, H; Roseblade, A; Pazderka, C; Clarke, C; Bourget, K; Wu, X; Lewis, W; Noble, B; Gale, PA; O'Mara, ML; Cranfield, C; Murray, M
2015-01-01The assembly and use of tethered bilayer lipid membranes (tBLMs)Cranfield, C; Carne, S; Martinac, B; Cornell, B
2016-10-01The effect of tethers on artificial cell membranes: A coarse-grained molecular dynamics studyHoiles, W; Gupta, R; Cornell, B; Cranfield, C; Krishnamurthy, V
2019-02-01An examination of microcystin-LR accumulation and toxicity using tethered bilayer lipid membranes (tBLMs)Facey, JA; Steele, JR; Violi, JP; Mitrovic, SM; Cranfield, C
2021-03-20Headspace analysis of E-cigarette fluids using comprehensive two dimensional GC×GC-TOF-MS reveals the presence of volatile and toxic compounds.Patel, D; Taudte, RV; Nizio, K; Herok, G; Cranfield, C; Shimmon, R
2006-12-01Mechanical strains induced in osteoblasts by use of point femtosecond laser targetingCranfield, C; Bomzon, Z; Day, D; Gu, M; Cartmell, S
2021-02-03Mitochondrial uncoupler SHC517 reverses obesity in mice without affecting food intake.Chen, S-Y; Beretta, M; Alexopoulos, SJ; Shah, DP; Olzomer, EM; Hargett, SR; Childress, ES; Salamoun, JM; Aleksovska, I; Roseblade, A; Cranfield, C; Rawling, T; Quinlan, KGR; Morris, MJ; Tucker, SP; Santos, WL; Hoehn, KL
2023-12-21Protonophoric and mitochondrial uncoupling activity of aryl-carbamate substituted fatty acids.MacDermott-Opeskin, H; Clarke, C; Wu, X; Roseblade, A; York, E; Pacchini, E; Roy, R; Cranfield, C; Gale, PA; O'Mara, ML; Murray, M; Rawling, T
2022-05-11Subtle changes in pH affect the packing and robustness of fatty acid bilayers.Lowe, LA; Kindt, JT; Cranfield, C; Cornell, B; Macmillan, A; Wang, A