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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011-09-01The art of touch: A photo-essayCranny-Francis, A
2017-09-15The body in crisis: Contemporary articulations of purgatoryCranny-Francis, A
1995-01The Body in the TextCranny-Francis, A
2007-01Canonical iconoclasm : William Shakespeare's Romeo + JulietCranny-Francis, A
2006-01ConnexionsCranny-Francis, A; Gibbs, D; Krause, KL
2008-01Critical Dialogues 1Chapman, D; Wilson, LK; Cranny-Francis, A
2007-01-01Ecce techno, or, suiting the biomechanical platform: Immersion and contemporary embodimentCranny-Francis, A
1992-01Engendered Fiction: Analysing Gender in the Production and Reception of TextsCranny-Francis, A
2002-01Evaluation for Effective Web Communication: An Australian ExampleGillard, P; Cranny-Francis, A
2008-01Fabric(ated) Ontologies: the biopolitics of smart design in clothing and jewelleryCranny-Francis, A; Guglielmino, T; Peel, M
1990-01Feminist Fiction: Feminist Uses of Generic FictionCranny-Francis, A
2008-08-01From extension to engagement: Mapping the imaginary of wearable technologyCranny-Francis, A
2015-11-01'The fullness of life': The poetics and politics of jack lindsayCranny-Francis, A
2004-01The Ghost In/On The Machine: Magic, Technology And The "Modest Witness"Cranny-Francis, A
2013-01Hospitality, Subjectivity and Ceremony: Glee confronts heteronormativityCranny-Francis, A
2014Introduction: '... and the moon smelt of oranges': the poetics and politics of embodiment in Jack Lindsay's poetryCranny-Francis, A
2016-01-01Is data a toaster? Gender, sex, sexuality and robotsCranny-Francis, A
2017Love, poetry and revolt: the embodied aesthetics of Jack LindsayCranny-Francis, A
2007-03-01Mapping cultural auracy: The sonic politics of the day the Earth stood stillCranny-Francis, A
2009-01Mediating human-technology relationships: explorations of hybridity, humanity and embodiment in Doctor WhoCranny-Francis, A