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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Academic achievement and productivity losses associated with speech language and communication needsCronin, P; Reeve, R; McCabe, P; Viney, R; Goodall, S
2019Association of literacy and numeracy with adult health and socioeconomic outcomes. CHERE Working Paper 2019/02Mu, C; Reeve, R; Cronin, P
2014-01-01An Australian discrete choice experiment to value EQ-5D health statesViney, R; Norman, R; Brazier, J; Cronin, P; King, MT; Ratcliffe, J; Street, D
2013-07-01Cost-effectiveness of an advance notification letter to increase colorectal cancer screeningCronin, P; Goodall, S; Lockett, T; O'Keefe, CM; Norman, R; Church, J
2010-05-01Does mode of administration matter? Comparison of online and face-to-face administration of a time trade-off taskNorman, R; King, MT; Clarke, D; Viney, R; Cronin, P; Street, D
2021-05-18Economic Evaluation of The COACH ProgramĀ® for Asthma Management. Final Report 2020Cronin, P; Arora, S
2021-05-18Economic evaluation of the impact of speech pathology services on criminal justice outcomes. Final report 2020Cronin, P; Addo, R; Reeve, R; dowse, L
2018-05-01Evaluation of the NSW Statewide Eyesight Preschool Screening Program 16247Goodall, A; Ryan, R; Furby, B; French, A; Rose, K; Haywood, P; Cronin, P; Goodall, S; Ellinson, A; van den Nieuwenhof, A
2021-03-11Exploring the Trade-Off Between Economic and Health Outcomes During a Pandemic: A Discrete Choice Experiment of Lockdown Policies in AustraliaManipis, K; Street, D; Cronin, P; Viney, R; Goodall, S
2021-11-05How are Child-Specific Utility Instruments Used in Decision Making in Australia? A Review of Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee Public Summary Documents.Bailey, C; Dalziel, K; Cronin, P; Devlin, N; Viney, R; Quality Of Life in Kids: Key Evidence to Strengthen Decisions in Australia (QUOKKA) Project Team,
2017-07-04The impact of childhood language difficulties on healthcare costs from 4 to 13 years: Australian longitudinal studyCronin, P; Reeve, R; Mccabe, P; Viney, R; Goodall, S
2021-05-18Interactions with youth justice and associated costs for young people with speech, language and communication needsAddo, R; Cronin, P
2009-01-01International comparisons in valuing eq-5d health states: A review and analysisNorman, R; Cronin, P; Viney, R; King, M; Street, D; Ratcliffe, J
2017-06-01Long-term health care costs for patients with prostate cancer: a population-wide longitudinal study in New South Wales, AustraliaCronin, P; Kirkbride, B; Bang, A; Parkinson, B; Smith, D; Haywood, P
2021-04-13Measuring the Impact of Genetic and Environmental Risk and Protective Factors on Speech, Language, and Communication Development-Evidence from AustraliaCronin, P; Goodall, S
2013-06-01A pilot discrete choice experiment to explore preferences for EQ-5D-5L health statesNorman, R; Cronin, P; Viney, R
2022-01-01POSA301 A Review of Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee (PBAC) Public Summary Documents to Investigate the Use of Child-Specific Utility Measures in Decision Making in AustraliaBailey, C; Dalziel, K; Cronin, P; Devlin, N; Viney, R
2022-06-18Protocol for a randomised controlled trial of a family strengthening program to prevent unhealthy weight gain among 5 to 11-year-old children from at-risk families: the Strong Families Trial.Brooks, C; Helson, C; McCormack, M; Baur, LA; Gill, T; Green, J; Billah, B; Cronin, P; Johar, A; Plaskett, J; Nolan, M; Latanik, M; Renzaho, AMN
2019-12-01The role of recovery colleges in supporting personal goal achievementSommer, J; Gill, KH; Stein-Parbury, J; Cronin, P; Katsifis, V
2011-01-01Time trade-off derived EQ-5D weights for AustraliaViney, R; Norman, R; King, MT; Cronin, P; Street, DJ; Knox, S; Ratcliffe, J