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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-06-23Advancing co-housing for seniorsRiedy, CJ; Wynne, L; McKenna, K; Daly, M
2014-09Can ‘systems of practice’ help to analyse wide-scale socio-technical changeMacrorie, R; Daly, M; Spurling, N
2006-04Change in size of lesions over 3 weeks after radiofrequency ablation of left ventricle.Kovoor, P; Daly, M; Mikhail, M; Eipper, V; Dewsnap, B; Ross, DL
2017-06-23Cohousing for Seniors: Literature ReviewRiedy, CJ; Wynne, L; McKenna, K; Daly, M
2019-07Collaborative Housing: Where to next?Riedy, C; McGee, C; Daly, M; Wynne, L
2017-11-29Housing older Australians: Three typologies for senior cohousingWynne, L; Riedy, CJ; Mckenna, K; Daly, M; mcgee
2019-04-03“It’s a Great Idea for Other People”: Cohousing as a Housing Option for Older AustraliansRiedy, C; Wynne, L; McKenna, K; Daly, M
2019-07Kickstarting Collaborative Housing: Final ReportRiedy, C; McGee, C; Daly, M; Wynne, L
2014-09Know-how, practices and sustainabilityRoyston, S; Daly, M; Foulds, C
2021-11-11Machine learning system to guide teacher reflection on behavior management skillsDann, C; O'Neill, S; Getenet, S; Verma, N; Chakraborty, S; Yu, K; Aboufarw, K; Edmondson, S; Quirke-Bolt, N; Levy, D; McFarlane, S; Quadrelli, C; Daly, M; Seifert, T
2015-12-09Practicing sustainability: Lessons from a sustainable cohousing communityDaly, M
2017-11-02Quantifying the environmental impact of ecovillages and co-housing communities: a systematic literature reviewDaly, M
2014-09The role of ‘Communities of Practice’ within the built environmentMacrorie, R; Royston, S; Daly, M