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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012A comparison of on-line and’in-class’ student feedback surveys: Some unexpected resultsMazzolini, A; Daniel, S; Mann, L
2021-01-01A phenomenographic outcome space for ways of experiencing lecturingDaniel, S
2012-01Adaptive group formation to promote desired behavioursMujkanovic, A; Lowe, DB; Willey, K; Mann, L; Daniel, S
2012Addressing student misconceptions of phasors and AC resonanceDaniel, S; Mazzolini, A; Cadusch, PJ; Edwards, T
2017Co-designing a new engineering curriculum with industryCook, E; Mann, L; Daniel, S
2017Contextual Categorisation of Academics’ Conceptions of TeachingDaniel, S; Mazzolini, A; Mann, L
2017Defending interpretivist knowledge claims in engineering education researchDaniel, S; Mann, L; Mazzolini, A
2019Development of a scenario-based instrument to assess co-design expertise in humanitarian engineeringDaniel, S; Mazzurco, A
2019Development of Socio-Technical and Co-Design Expertise in Engineering StudentsMazzurco, A; Daniel, S; Smith, J
2017Embedding social impact in engineering curriculumDaniel, S; Mann, L
2019Emergent themes in critically reflective conversations on (humanitarian) engineering teaching practiceChang, R; Daniel, S; Dixon, C; Newbound, M; Toifl, M; Rayburg, S; others,
2020-01-01Empirical research studies of practicing engineers: a mapping review of journal articles 2000–2018Mazzurco, A; Crossin, E; Chandrasekaran, S; Daniel, S; Sadewo, GRP
2012-01Engineering Across Cultures: New learning resources for intercultural competency in engineeringGoldfinch, T; Leigh, EE; Dawes, L; Gardner, AP; McCarthy, T; Mann, L; Daniel, S
2016Experiences of lecturingDaniel, S
2021-12-05Fostering a capacity for relational agency in undergraduate engineering and ITMachet, T; Lindeck, J; Boye, T; Cheng, E; Daniel, S; Bhatia, T
2021From problem-based learning to practice-based education: A framework for shaping future engineersMann, L; Chang, R; Chandrasekaran, S; Coddington, A; Daniel, S; Cook, E; Crossin, E; Cosson, B; Turner, J; Mazzurco, A; others,
2017Grounded by values: An emergent engineering practiceCoddington, A; Mann, L; Chandrasekaran, S; Cook, E; Crossin, E; Daniel, S; Mazzurco, A; Smith, T; Turner, J
2012-01How can writing develop students' deep approaches to learning in the engineering curriculum?Goldsmith, R; Willey, K; Boud, DJ; Mann, L; Daniel, S
2021-12-05Identifying and developing the factors necessary for the creation of functional groupsLindeck, J; Machet, T; Boye, T; Cheng, E; Daniel, S; Bhatia, T