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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014-01Action Research as Metamethodology: Managing the Complexity of an applied research projectDick, B; Sankaran, S; Shaw, K; Kelly, J; Soar, J; Davies, A; Banbury, A; Escrib√°-Esteve, A
2014-01-01Application of Scenario-based Approaches in Leadership Research: An Action Research Intervention as Three Sets of Interlinked PracticesSankaran, S; Dick, B; Shaw, K; Cartwright, C; Davies, A; Kelly, J; Vindin, B
2011-05-31The black box sessionsDavies, A; Jasper, A
2016-01-01Compressorhead: The robot band and its transmedia storyworldDavies, A; Crosby, A
2019-04-01Delivery Model Innovation: Insights From Infrastructure ProjectsDavies, A; MacAulay, SC; Brady, T
2021-11-15Effects of Nutritional Interventions on Cardiovascular Disease Health Outcomes in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians: A Scoping Review.Porykali, B; Davies, A; Brooks, C; Melville, H; Allman-Farinelli, M; Coombes, J
2017-09-01Five Rules for Managing Large, Complex ProjectsDavies, A; Dodgson, M; Gann, DM; Macaulay, SC
2013-10-28Leadership in faith-based aged and community careShaw, K; Cartwright, CM; Sankaran, S; Kelly, J; Dick, B; Davies, A; Craig, J
2012-01Scenario planning and analysis in practice: Investigating leadership development using action research in faith-based not-for-profit organisations in AustraliaSankaran, S; Dick, B; Shaw, K; Cartwright, C; Davies, A; Illingworth, B; Volberda Hank
2007-01-01Singing different tunes from the same song sheet: Four perspectives of teaching the doing of action researchSankaran, S; Hase, S; Dick, B; Davies, A
2021-06-01The effectiveness and impact of driver licensing programs on licensing and employment rates for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples of Australia: A systematic reviewPorykali, B; Hunter, K; Davies, A; Young, N; Sullivan, E; Ivers, R
2021-03-01Trigger point self-care for chronic neck pain: Pilot and feasibilityMunk, N; Nemati, D; Benjamin, EV; Davies, A; Shue, S; Bair, MJ
2013-01Using Delphi as a democratic research method facilitating involvement to investigate leadership capability development in AustraliaSankaran, S; Illingworth, B; Shaw, K; Dick, B; Davies, A; Cartwright, C; Yamak, S
2015-04-01Value co-creation with stakeholders using action research as a meta-methodology in a funded research projectDick, B; Sankaran, S; Shaw, K; Kelly, J; Soar, J; Davies, A; Banbury, A