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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
-A genealogy of sustainable agriculture narratives: implications for the transformative potential of regenerative agricultureBless, A; Davila, F; Plant, R
2020-12A rapid assessment framework for food system shocks: lessons learned from COVID-19 in the Indo-Pacific regionButler, JRA; Davila, F; Alders, R; Bourke, RM; Crimp, S; McCarthy, J; McWilliam, A; Palo, ASM; Robins, L; Webb, MJ; van Wensveen, M; Sanderson, T; Walker, D
2020-01-01A systemic assessment of covid-19 impacts on pacific islands’ food systemsDavila, F; Crimp, S; Wilkes, B
2020-11-26An agenda for research and action toward diverse and just futures for life on Earth.Wyborn, C; Montana, J; Kalas, N; Clement, S; Davila, F; Knowles, N; Louder, E; Balan, M; Chambers, J; Christel, L; Forsyth, T; Henderson, G; Izquierdo Tort, S; Lim, M; Martinez-Harms, MJ; Merçon, J; Nuesiri, E; Pereira, L; Pilbeam, V; Turnhout, E; Wood, S; Ryan, M
2021An Indicator Framework to Monitor Contributions to Regional Sustainable Development from Pacific Tuna IndustriesMcClean, N; Barclay, K; Davila, F; Bailey, M; Winterford, K; Willis, C
-Biodiversity revisited through systems thinkingDavila, F; Plant, R; Jacobs, B
2021-06COVID-19 and food systems in Pacific Island Countries, Papua New Guinea, and Timor-Leste: Opportunities for actions towards the sustainable development goalsDavila, F; Bourke, RM; McWilliam, A; Crimp, S; Robins, L; van Wensveen, M; Alders, RG; Butler, JRA
2017-11-01Embrace complexity to improve conservation decision makingEvans, MC; Davila, F; Toomey, A; Wyborn, C
2019-03-01Expanding the role of social science in conservation through an engagement with philosophy, methodology, and methodsMoon, K; Blackman, DA; Adams, VM; Colvin, RM; Davila, F; Evans, MC; Januchowski-Hartley, SR; Bennett, NJ; Dickinson, H; Sandbrook, C; Sherren, K; St. John, FAV; van Kerkhoff, L; Wyborn, C
2022-01-01FOOD AND NUTRITION SECURITY ACROSS THREE SCALESDyball, R; Wilkes, B; Davila, F; Schooneveldt, J
2022-11-01Gender-transformative approaches in international development: A brief history and five uniting principlesMacArthur, J; Carrard, N; Davila, F; Grant, M; Megaw, T; Willetts, J; Winterford, K
2016-08-01How science really works: the student experience of research-led educationSmyth, L; Davila, F; Sloan, T; Rykers, E; Backwell, S; Jones, SB
2020-01-01Human ecology and covid-19Davila, F
2019-01-01Human ecology and food discourses in a smallholder agricultural system in Leyte, The PhilippinesDavila, F
2018-09-01Human ecology and food systems: Insights from the PhilippinesDavila, F
2020-01-01Imagining transformative biodiversity futuresWyborn, C; Davila, F; Pereira, L; Lim, M; Alvarez, I; Henderson, G; Luers, A; Martinez Harms, MJ; Maze, K; Montana, J; Ryan, M; Sandbrook, C; Shaw, R; Woods, E
2019-02Milestone 3: Analytical Report on historical factors and barriers, thematic analysis, typology of stakeholders, and social network analysisBarclay, K; McClean, N; Voyer, M; Davila, F; Cunningham, R; Schnierer, S
2019-02Milestone Four: Engagement MethodsBarclay, K; McClean, N; Voyer, M; Davila, F; Cunningham, R; Schnierer, S
2018-12-01Transdisciplinary research for food and nutrition security: Examining research-policy understandings in Southeast AsiaDavila, F; Dyball, R; Amparo, JM
-Transforming landscapes and mindscapes through regenerative agricultureGordon, E; Davila, F; Riedy, C