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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-01-01Chemical cues influence retreat-site selection by flat rock spidersPenfold, S; Dayananda, B; Webb, JK
2016-07-01Communal nesting under climate change: fitness consequences of higher incubation temperatures for a nocturnal lizardDayananda, B; Gray, S; Pike, D; Webb, JK
2017-09-01The effects of incubation temperature on locomotor performance, growth and survival in hatchling velvet geckosDayananda, B; Penfold, S; Webb, JK
2017-04-01Effects of pregnancy on body temperature and locomotor performance of velvet geckosDayananda, B; Ibargüengoytía, N; Whiting, MJ; Webb, JK
2017-06-15Hotter nests produce hatchling lizards with lower thermal toleranceDayananda, B; Murray, BR; Webb, JK
2019-07-15Identifying agronomic options for better potato production and conserving water resources in the agro-pastoral ecotone in North ChinaTang, J; Wang, J; Fang, Q; Dayananda, B; Yu, Q; Zhao, P; Yin, H; Pan, X
2019-10-01Impacts of livestock grazing, topography and vegetation on distribution of wildlife in Wanglang National Nature Reserve, ChinaTian, C; Liao, PC; Dayananda, B; Zhang, YY; Liu, ZX; Li, JQ; Yu, B; Qing, L
2017-03-01Incubation under climate warming affects learning ability and survival in hatchling lizardsDayananda, B; Webb, JK
2021-09-19Morphological, Physiological and Photophysiological Responses of Critically Endangered Acer catalpifolium to Acid Stress.Zhang, Y; Yu, T; Ma, W; Dayananda, B; Iwasaki, K; Li, J
2020-12Thermophilic response to feeding in adult female velvet geckos.Dayananda, B; Webb, JK