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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-01-01Academic and non-academic investments at university: The role of expectations, preferences and constraintsDelavande, A; Del Bono, E; Holford, A
2017-12-01Changes in spending and labor supply in response to a Social Security benefit cut: Evidence from stated choice dataDelavande, A; Rohwedder, S
2017-04-01Eliciting Survival Expectations of the Elderly in Low-Income Countries: Evidence From IndiaDelavande, A; Lee, J; Menon, S
2023-08-12Expectations in Development EconomicsDelavande, A; Bachmann, R; Topa, G; van der Klaauw, W
2019-10-01Gender discrimination and social identity: Evidence from urban PakistanDelavande, A; Zafar, B
2014-01-01HIV-related social intolerance and risky sexual behavior in a high HIV prevalence environmentDelavande, A; Sampaio, M; Sood, N
2016-01-01HIV/AIDS-related expectations and risky sexual behaviour in MalawiDelavande, A; Kohler, HP
2018-05-01Information and anti-American attitudesDelavande, A; Zafar, B
2011-07-01Marrying up: The role of sex ratio in assortative matchingAbramitzky, R; Delavande, A; Vasconcelos, L
2022-09-22Policy Uncertainty and Information Flows: Evidence from Pension Reform Expectations*Ciani, E; Delavande, A; Etheridge, B; Francesconi, M
2014-01-01Probabilistic expectations in developing countriesDelavande, A
2015-10-01Stereotypes and Madrassas: Experimental evidence from PakistanDelavande, A; Zafar, B
2016-03The Impact of Repeat HIV Testing on Risky Sexual Behavior: Evidence from a Randomized Controlled Trial in Malawi.Delavande, A; Wagner, Z; Sood, N
2019-10-01University choice: The role of expected earnings, nonpecuniary outcomes, and financial constraintsDelavande, A; Zafar, B
2015-06-01Using elicited choice probabilities in hypothetical elections to study decisions to voteDelavande, A; Manski, CF