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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-12-01A Bespoke Kinect Stepping Exergame for Improving Physical and Cognitive Function in Older People: A Pilot StudyGarcia, JA; Schoene, D; Lord, SR; Delbaere, K; Valenzuela, T; Navarro, KF
2017-10Childhood Stress and Adversity is Associated with Late-Life Dementia in Aboriginal Australians.Radford, K; Delbaere, K; Draper, B; Mack, HA; Daylight, G; Cumming, R; Chalkley, S; Minogue, C; Broe, GA
2019-01-01Cognitive test norms and comparison between healthy ageing, mild cognitive impairment, and dementia: A population-based study of older Aboriginal AustraliansLavrencic, LM; Bennett, H; Daylight, G; Draper, B; Cumming, R; Mack, H; Garvey, G; Lasschuit, D; Hill, TY; Chalkley, S; Delbaere, K; Broe, GA; Radford, K
-Exergame and cognitive training for preventing falls in community-dwelling older people: a randomized controlled trialSturnieks, DL; Hicks, C; Smith, N; Ratanapongleka, M; Menant, J; Turner, J; Lo, J; Chaplin, C; Garcia, J; Valenzuela, MJ; Delbaere, K; Herbert, RD; Sherrington, C; Toson, B; Lord, SR
2021-09-20Facilitators and Barriers to Physical Activity and Sport Participation Experienced by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Adults: A Mixed Method Review.Allen, B; Canuto, K; Evans, JR; Lewis, E; Gwynn, J; Radford, K; Delbaere, K; Richards, J; Lovell, N; Dickson, M; Macniven, R
2019-01-01Factors Associated with the High Prevalence of Dementia in Older Aboriginal AustraliansRadford, K; Lavrencic, LM; Delbaere, K; Draper, B; Cumming, R; Daylight, G; Mack, HA; Chalkley, S; Bennett, H; Garvey, G; Hill, TY; Lasschuit, D; Broe, GA
2015-12-01Interactive cognitive-motor step training improves cognitive risk factors of falling in older adults - A randomized controlled trialSchoene, D; Valenzuela, T; Toson, B; Delbaere, K; Severino, C; Garcia, J; Davies, TA; Russell, F; Smith, ST; Lord, SR
2021-04-30Multifaceted needs of individuals living with peripheral arterial disease: a qualitative studyDiGiacomo, M; Prichard, R; Allida, S; Delbaere, K; Omari, A; Inglis, S
2020-10-10Older Aboriginal Australians' Health Concerns and Preferences for Healthy Ageing Programs.Wettasinghe, PM; Allan, W; Garvey, G; Timbery, A; Hoskins, S; Veinovic, M; Daylight, G; Mack, HA; Minogue, C; Donovan, T; Broe, GA; Radford, K; Delbaere, K
2018-06-01Risk factors for falls among older Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in urban and regional communitiesLukaszyk, C; Radford, K; Delbaere, K; Ivers, R; Rogers, K; Sherrington, C; Tiedemann, A; Coombes, J; Daylight, G; Draper, B; Broe, T
2022-05Sunbeam Program Reduces Rate of Falls in Long-Term Care Residents With Mild to Moderate Cognitive Impairment or Dementia: Subgroup Analysis of a Cluster Randomized Controlled Trial.Mak, A; Delbaere, K; Refshauge, K; Henwood, T; Goodall, S; Clemson, L; Hewitt, J; Taylor, ME
2021-01-05Understanding implementation factors and participant experiences of a cluster randomised controlled trial to prevent falls among older Aboriginal people: a process evaluation protocol.Macniven, R; Coombes, J; Wilson, R; Simon, A; Mackean, T; Hunter, K; Ma, T; Gwynn, J; Sherrington, C; Tiedemann, A; Hill, A-M; Delbaere, K; Lewis, C; Bennett-Brook, K; Howie, A; Stewart, G; Shakespeare, M; Rogers, K; Ivers, RQ; Clapham, K